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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    i agree totally - very smart and perceptive post, dan.


    Tyler made several posts in the message boards on, asking others for advice. I don't remember how close his last post was to his death, but it was within a day. All the posts seemed rational & contemplative, and he appeared to have developed some friendships among those guys online.

    I thought he had discussed some of the issues with his RA and that the RA was being helpful & supportive, but I could be mistaken. I think he had come out to his parents around that time, and that while his father was supportive, his mother's reaction was less than ideal.

    I'm relieved that Ravi isn't facing any charges regarding Clementi's death per se. The nonconsensual broadcast of sexual activity is a clear enough crime. If this were an episode of "Law & Order", Ravi would be facing Murder 2 or something ridiculous.


    OK, so this Ravi guy is a creep. But he didn't push Clementi off the bridge. Clementi was an unstable kid who jumped. Sorry for C's death, but it was C's own problems which lead to his suicide, not Ravi's webcam.


    Way to oversimplify, Perry! Sad as it is, perhaps anyone looking to 'have fun' at the expense of someone else should consider what might be going on in another person's life. It was easy for Ravi to single out the gay kid; aren't gays the easy target? Let's not forget, he had an issue with him not only being gay, but poor too!

    dan renzi

    This is my point Harry. I believe this is not Ravi being malicious. I think he suffers from a complete absence of empathy. He didn't think what he was doing was hurtful, until it went too far. This is the bigger problem with most of these situations--the people doing it don't see it as wrong, because they really don't mean anything. It has to be solved in a completely different way than saying "You are being mean!" It doesn't affect them, because it's not the truth.

    Mike b.

    Does anyone have any viewpoint on using a shared dormroom for sex, especially in your first weeks of being roomates? It was an issue for the boys and the girls when I was in college.

    Mike b.

    Did you watch the interview on 20/20? Any thoughts?


    Ravi never broadcast anything over the internet. he is no more responsible for tylers death than the gw bridge is. Ravi is guilty of being a stupid kid.


    Ravi is just a narcisstic person and will never admit it is not all about him or admit he had done anything other than a "prank". He even suggested he would tell Tyler later and they would laugh at it. Yeah, right, when he could not talk to him before. Lots of issues here, for both of them. Still, what kind of person, knowing that Tyler was upset when told by RA Grover, does not text immediately, does NOT say anything when Tyler comes back about 2 hours later and they are in the room together for about an hour? He can text an invite to his friend to come visit, hardly showing Ravi is emotionally tortured as he suggested in his last email to Tyler. He calls his friend a "faggot" for not coming. Real empathy for the situation of his gay roommate. Then, without apologzing to Tyler (or at least trying to work out something to cover his butt) he leaves the room. Then later he does the text with his anguish over Tyler and then his email. If he was so upset, why not say it in person? He is one STRANGE dude. Guess they were the perfect storm.

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