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your brother sounds hot. give him my email


That was the most hillarious and accurate recap. Honestly, I hope your brother keeps it up all season - it'll be almost as great as the show!!


totally hysterical. keep up the great reviews!!!

Wayne M.

OMG, I laughed so hard at this recap that I had tears streaming down my face! I had to stop for a couple of minutes at the part about the fat ass model and the librarian dress, because every time I tried to go on I lost it again!!!

Couple of quick notes to other comments here...

The producers have TOTAL control over who goes and who stays, or who wins for that matter. Stop your recording during the final credits and fine print (at least it used to always be there on Bravo, so I'm assuming it still is). It has said from day one that the producers have final say, which means if they wanted that crazy bitch to win the whole season, she would have.

Second, while I have no definite source to cite here, I'm virtually certain that they considered a wide range of people for the All Star show. Most likely, many of them who have had their careers take-off or have been working hard to get there, couldn't make the time. Given Heidi's state of pregnancy during the All Star show, I'm betting they threw it together pretty last minute, but that part is total guessing.


We bow down before thee, Young Master Renzi.


OMG, I am so glad this show and your brother are back! Please tell me he will be recapping every episode. His recaps are better than the show!


Hey, dude, totally enjoyed your recap. I'll be back for more. I would respectfully disagree with you though that Ari's fate was sealed as soon as she began acting weird, informed us she didn't sketch, etc. In the past, the weirdo contestants have always been kept around, usually past their expiration dates, for the sake of "entertainment". The casting people/producers couldn't have been happy that the "kooky" contestant, who was cast b/c she was kooky, and who played her part to (annoying) perfection, was auf'd for being ... kooky. I applaud the judges for their indifference to the producer's machinations.


"So they go to that fabric store, and Qristyl—fuck this, I am already tired of typing her complicated name."

LOL. Your brother rocks! Is he hot?


Awesome. I love these recaps!


Good to have your brother back! But bro, it's Mitchell, not Matthew.

I liked Epperson's dress best, but he needs to lose that ghastly hair & beard.

When the designers all went to the red carpet to meet with Tim Gunn, did you notice how very poorly most of the designers dressed?? It was a bit shocking to me.


Loved this review. Don't even need to watch the show now, which is good b/c I'm always working when it's on and I don't have Tivo. Thanks :)

Ed Munoz

Very very funny. I watched the show and enjoyed it. I will definitely be back to read your posts. Great sense of humor... i've met you a few times and you were funny then too, looking back.

ps. do most people post a reaction like you just walked on water?


This is the best recap of this episode. And yes, she looked EXACTLY like Samantha Ronson. Lindsey must have been so confused.


This is the funniest and most true to life review ever because that is exactly how I saw it in my mind. Well Done!


OMG! That crazy girl DID look like Samantha!

Glenn D.

The All-Star Challenge was better. But why wasn't anyone from Season1 represented. What happened to Wendy? Kara Saun would have definitely won the whole thing. Santino was hysterical as usual.


This is the first review/description I've ever managed to read of that show, simply because of it's sheer brilliance in writing \o/ I can't wait until ANTM starts again, you should definitely write the summary of shows like this more often. That was a fun thing to wake up to!

How are things going with T.L.? I really miss the stories about him, I hope there'll be a way for him to get back to Mia with a visa...

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