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Michael C.

Wow. You are even more incredibly shallow and unintelligent then I was lead to suspect. It's sad that people with something to actually contribute to the world get replaced by "Celeb"utards such as yourself. Fortunately you'll get old and tired quick and go away. Yay!


I have to admit I don't understand the people who see the movement towards marriage equality and shrug, or worse question and decry it. I get that it's not for you, fine. But why trivialize it or scoff at it when for others it is of great importance? Just like abortion rights do not mean that every pregnancy must be terminated, the ability for homosexuals to marry doesn't mean every couple must tie the knot. I don't even have a boyfriend but I see the step California is taking as a huge and important one. I, for one, am thrilled.

By the way, my little diatribe doesn't mean I think the piece is poorly written. You write very well. I'm just taking issue with the tone.

Glenn C.

I loved reading the article about Desmond Childs. Not everyone knows this but "You Give Love A Bad Name" was originally a song her wrote for Bonnie Tyler called "If You Were A Woman (And I Were A Man). He changed the title for Bon Jovi. I've loved his work for so many years. If you want to hear a full CD of his buy "Notes From America".


...yes JJD, but that is a "commuter" magazine. Dan works for a LGBT paper in southern Florida, where the gays just go to the beach and sit.


um. the express is the name of the commuter magazine put out every day by the Washington Post. I kinda like it.


I swear, I feel like you're seducing me every time I see that photo haha I was just on South Beach Thurs and Sat, I wonder if I passed the boy from the bed. Next time I'm in town, maybe we'll make plans? or maybe you can show me where the straight Telemundo watchers can be found ;)


The Express? Really?

The paper name may suck but your article is great!



Great editorial! Always enjoy your writing a lot. And oh my god, the interview with Desmond Child? Best. One. Ever. He's so proud of his boys indeed, here's hoping the documentary he worked on will be released soon.


great post. And I have to say sometimes I like my partners best when they don't speak at all ;)


I love your stuff. I'll read anything you post, anywhere.


Excellent letter/blog post.


i don't see anything wrong with posting your stuff here and on Le Express (but saying it like that sounds like a lunchtime sandwich spot).

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