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Nicely done !
I had the chance to do it myself back in 2005 in Lyon, France. It was right after the Newcastle one.
Did you get any chance to talk to the guy ?
I told him I'd love to do that for him in a church but he didn't seem thrilled by the idea !
Did he have a private party afterwards with a few selected guess ? ^^

Anyway, it was a great experience ! You'll particularly love it when you'll be displayed on giant posters :p


You were just on Best Week Ever. I saw you naked and I screamed. Not because it was scary, but because...of COURSE you ended up on Best Week Ever.

EJ Greaves

what's up? searching for more pictures of the Tunick installation brought me to your blog + i thought i'd say "HI!", because i attended it too! luckily i made sure to put plenty of sunscreen on + not manage to get my pale ass burnt to a crisp! you might have seen me there, i was the guy with the vine/leaf tattoos on his chest + wing tattoos on his back! other than taking forever to shot the pix, i hope you had fun!

~ EJ


Naked for a few minutes in brill sunshine in Florida? That's nothing but sunbathing at a luxury hotel.
We were naked for well over two hours from 5.30am. at the Baltic installation (Gateshead UK) in 2005. It was - umm - Cool - in more ways than one, crossing the Millennium and Swing bridges over the river Tyne and wandering about Gateshead and Newcastle Quaysides. Climbing up the 'grassy' (i.e. brambled and nettled) terraces of the Sage concert hall etc . We didn't get champagne or to play in a swimming pool afterwards either.
The Amsterdam installation this year began at dawn too - I was on the roof of the Q Park - breezy.
You're a bunch of softies.


I'm so jealous...


So, 600 more people have seen you nude. What does that bring the total to? :)

:) Norene!!

Hey hey, nice writing Mr! It was fun streaking...err posing with ya yesterday. My titties are burnt though! See ya at your j.o.b. sometime soon. I'm gonna harass u!


Yeah, you are definitely in the AP video from the shoot. It was one the AJC.com home page this morning.

Unfortunately, it just showed a nice head shot ;)


Rock on, Dan! I think you may be on this AP clip about the installation, about 34 - 43 seconds in?



I can't believe you did this! I wish I could


OMG Dan! I think it's so great that you did this & if I lived there...I would have totally done it too!


wow! sounds like you had fun, despite the longer-than-promised nakedness. ;)


Congrats! That is the coolest thing ever! I wish i had the chance...



I saw on the today show that this photo shoot was going on and I instantly thought of you. I am so excited that you went and did it. I would jump at the chance to do it, even in my round shape.
Yahoo for you

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