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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Queen Lena

    I love "Knights in White Satin." =(


    I loved Phil Stacey...I voted for him A LOT..I hope he makes it far!


    dan, kelly clarkson was never a sleeper candidate. as soon as the top 10 hit, she definitely stood out. the only thing that stood out more was justin's hair


    It should be noted that Sundance Head is the contestant chosen by this year, and going by the predictions at he's winning so far for the men, so he's pretty much guaranteed for top 12.

    Chad A

    Not about Idol, but you're new picture... do you have a mirror over your bed? How, um..., retro of you...

    Chad A

    okay - bad spelling. bad! I meant 'your' obviously...


    I heart Jared Kotter.

    Glenn C.

    Last night's show was TERRIBLE!!! It felt like a high school talent show and not America Idol. It was the worst show in the history of Idol. Can these guys sing or did they pick the wrong song? I think it was just nerves in most cases but they shouldn't have nerves. And if they do they shouldn't have been cast. Blake and Chris Richardson gave the only to decent performances. I sure hope the girls do better. That one guy who sang the Stevie Wonder song should never made it past the first audition. I can't even pronounce his name and even I could sing better.

    Glenn C.

    Dan, I love your new pic. I wish I could jump in that bed and cuddle with you! ;)


    Jack Osbourne for the win!


    Last night sucked so much. Horrible. I was PRAYING that Sanjaya would come out singing 9 to 5... that's about the only thing that could have saved that whole mess.


    Dan, dan, dan: A few comments, because well.

    Blake is moreso a vocal percussionits, which has been dumbed down for the masses so that they can understand, you should hear him actually drum and you can tell the difference. It's a sought after skill in the contemporary a cappella world. Check out or for more information. He was in a band called Kickshaw out of Seatlle, which is how he probably knew Rudy, currently in a band called m-pact that was based in Seattle before moving to LA.

    And Boyz II Men, still together from what I've heard and seen.

    Can't believe Brandon blew it like he did, or Chris' flailing...way to represent us geeky fatties! The gay 5-timer AJ had my vote for the best performance. Nick looked like a schlub during the recap while standing at the mic. oy.

    Yvan in Montreal

    I have to agree with Coy on this one, the whole thing was just bad and boring. The only good part was when Chris S. zinged Simon's super crap group IL DIVO, that was sweet! The look on Simon's face, Chris is soooooo DOA!


    I totally agree with you about Phil Stacey. He's my pick to be the final boy, I just hope the girls are better than the boys were last night, because I wasn't really that impressed with anyone.

    Mr. Manager (Vern)

    OMG! I love Blake too! I wrote a whole posting on him.

    Excellent observations, by the way, Dan. You should replace Paula.

    I start my season as a judge on the Malaysian local reality show Gang Starz this Sunday. Can't wait to bitch on national tv!!!


    Oh, Dan. Clearly you have never heard Kid Beyond. Please seek him out ASAP. He's a beatboxer/live-looper, and he's effing fantastic. See him live if you ever have the opportunity.

    Also, I would like to date Sundance. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm sure there's a rehab for it somewhere.




    You really think Phil Stacey should win? I'd choose a female contestant if I were you. Or stick with Blake Lewis. But that's just me, who pathetically blogs about AI daily at


    P.S. Sundace, your stubby fingers are inappropriate for close ups...clench your fists or keep them out of camera view.


    I think Melinda will win. She's the bomb. Though even I am tired of Simon telling her how much he likes her. Simon aside, I think she is wonderful and adorable.

    I can't stand Phil Stacey, though. Yuk. He's so ugly he just makes me incapable of listening to him... and the fact that he is in the homophobic US military doesn't make me like him any extra either...

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