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Dan! Take my husband. Please!

Max D

I have a great potential husband...a friend of mine. Good looking, intelligent...works in media relations...in his low 30s. He can legally get married (he's Canadian)! Let me know if you're interested.

Glenn C.

Sorry, amazingly cute butt!!!

Glenn C.

Karey, should looks be the only criteria for marriage? I think Dan mentioned some personal traits other than looks like funny and nice. The only physical qualification was a cute butt. Just in case you missed it the first 50 times. Did I mention that I have an amazingly cute cute???


How can you get married if it's not legal...you're gay. So you wanna marry a chick or do you want to get married in England or something?


Jon.. I had to be nosy and check out your friends profile on myspace.. he's hot!

How about him Dan?! :) Lol...


"Been around the world and I, I, I
I can't find my baby
I don't know where, I don't know why
Why he's gone away
And I don't know where he can be, my baby
But I'm gonna find him" ... in Iceland.

Sweet Dan, all I've got is an adventurous spirit, a good heart ... and a full but quiet life here in the Napa Valley ...

Did the Florida thing, San Francisco thing, New York thing ... now is much simpler.

Good luck with your noble quest ...



Someone on my blog, where I proposed we make this trip together, in a "weird, wouldn't it be fun" way, suggested that this museum is a must: http://www.ismennt.is/not/phallus/ens.htm


my old roommate went to iceland once and told me all about it. since then i've always wanted to go!

so if you can't find anyone else, take me!


Don't know about the marriage thing, but I'll definitely show you around Iceland if you ever decide to visit ;-)


Well, I am anything but a calm person, so I am certainly off your list. And until I find my own mate, I'm afraid all my energies will be directed to that before I can look for you. Good luck.



If you're joking: Haha, good one buddy.

If you're serious: It's people like you with idiotic thinking like these that contributes to the 55% divorce rate in America. Grow up!


Oh man I want to go to Iceland so bad.* I'll marry you!**

*The placement of this sentence is not dispositive of the offeror's priorities.

**Please note that this offer is made pending confirmation of a honeymoon to Iceland. This offer is not binding, nor is it an offer to enter a binding contract. The offeror reserves the right to revoke this offer at any time and at his own discretion



I proposed a couple of entries ago, and no answer. That kind of behavior won't get you hitched, Dan.


Too bad I am not a gay man... What I have to offer wont be of much help to you. =( Good luck!

Erica (the original, aka GroovyYaYa)

Oh, and if you manage to find someone that fits the criteria - but is STRAIGHT - don't throw away his number. Share with the chickies on here!

Although, not sure if Iceland would be my first choice. Of course, I've always thought that I'd go to someplace I've already been for a honeymoon... that way, I wouldn't feel guilty if we never got around to sightseeing ;)

(Victoria, B.C. would be a great place, IMHO)

Glenn C.

Oh ... by the way, Iceland looks amazing!!! Count me in!

Glenn C.

Well I won't beat a dead horse but I am available. But even more so I think monogamy, a sense of humor, love, and a sense of adventure are all important to a successful LTR. Also, I don't use drugs or engage on group sex. And I have been told that I have a very nice butt. ;P


my one friend loves you--- he will kill me if he knows i am doing this... haha-- check out his myspace... www.myspace.com/bcop830


oh... here's the web site:


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