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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Funny that it is the comment they used!
    Yesterday at the gym a lady was pointing out all the gay people, bi-sexual people! They didn't know why a married man, with kids, would ever mess around with a guy!
    I told them it is b/c gay men give the best blow jobs! Straight men don't care who is doing it, as long as it is awesome!
    Sad, but true! LOL


    I wouldn't necessarily say we're better than our straight counter-parts, but I do know an awful lot of gay guys who have an attitude towards them, and I'm sure it only stems from the fact that straight boys tormented them while growing up, and now they refuse to give any sort of respect to straight guys....I don't feel that way at all. I can't hold guys accountable for things that others did to me. That's completely the wrong attitude and quite immature. But a lot of gay guys tend to be quite immature and stuck in their ways...Kudos on the mag. interview Dan!


    “are jealous that gay sex includes blow jobs by default.”
    I'm picturing you on this blowjob rampage haha.

    But in any case your message came across.

    Though how many girls actually restrain from giving head? All the ones I know are skanky hoes in that dept. And if they don't then oh well, their man deserves thier no dick suckin ass!


    Luv ya Dan


    ps: Do you know The Knife check them out if you already haven't....


    If straight men would just losen up a little they could get all the sex they wanted..from gay men!


    well, it's true.


    I'm sure you're talking about other less pure gays. :P

    Glenn C

    I hate it when the myth of "permiscuous gay men on the prowl" is exploited in the media. Like any stereotype there is truth to it but there is so much more to being gay. And not only is society to blame the myth but society is also to blame for the stats of gays having more sex than their straight counterparts. If gays were accepted in society we could develope relationships in our teens and then marry. Then this whole "permiscuity stereotype" and the gap between gay male sex and straight sex would both disappear!!! I subscribe to Details. What issue will this article be in?


    People still read Details?

    Glenn C

    Uh yes! Details is a very gay magazine. I rush to read the "Gay or ..." section at the back. It always makes my day. I am desperately trying to find the "Gay or Guido" one from like 2003/2004.

    Christina Warren

    Heh -- I thought it was a cute, if slightly overused (not that I blame you for that -- you didn't pick you quote), blurb. Your comment, while less witty than you may have liked, still has truth to it. I'm in college and am always shocked by how many girls freak out over a fucking blowjob...I mean, come on, it's not a big deal. They'll fuck he guy, but they won't blow him -- which is just, I don't even know.

    My only real problem with the article (which I had to read, after being slightly annoyed at the "Heterophobia" headline on the cover -- good work Details), was that while it ultimately made a good point -- that the stereotype that gay men have more sex and have better style than straight-men can be just as sterotypical as the old "gay man sits at home and contemplates suicide" image -- the entire article seemed to focus on "gay envy" rather than "heterophobia." Personally, I think it is ridiculous for 90% of the population (and I'm stright) to bitch about being maligned for their sexual identity -- get over it, it's insulting to anyone who has faced true discrimination. That being said, if there is going to be an article in a men's magazine about heterophobia, at least address the parts of queer culture that do openly condemn/detest heterosexuality. I've had a large number of gay male friends for nearly 8 years (since I was 16) and have witnessed a certain amount of anti-hetero rhetoric in some of them at in certain gay clubs/bars (I live in Atlanta, a place with a pretty large gay community). I'm a very atypical fag-hag (I'm thin, pretty and completely uninterested in any gay man sexually) and am known for always bring "the striaght guy to the party" -- now none of my friends have ever (or would ever) attacked my date for his sexuality (just as my dates would never attack a gay guy), but there is sometimes an anti-straight undertones from time to time. I can understand that, because all groups of people have certain sectors that dislike or avoid people who aren't like's a little bit sad, but I accept it. And as I said, as inane as I think it is for any straight person to bust out a sob story about not feeling accepted by the gay community, that sentiment does exist and is "real" heterophobia -- not straight-male insecurities for not feeling "metrosexual" enough.

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