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listen to Tim Gunn's podcast, he explains the missing hours crap in great detail. I'm sure there might be missing pieces but his version sounds pretty reasonable...


I'd agree on the drug assessment. Whether that was the real reason he was booted is debatable, but i like to think that I'm pretty good at telling when someone is high and from episode one, Keith looked either totally high or starting to get strung-out. There didn't seem to be any middle point. I became convinced during the episode where he gets booted. He was probably crying a bit, so his eyes were red and puffy, but whatever - that guy was blasted on something. I'm sure of it.


Michael SHOULD be in the final three, but we'll see how it plays out. I like Uli, but her dresses do all look alike. My top three would be Michael, Alison, and for the wildcard factor, Jeffrey. I think they are gonna go young this year, since Jay rejected the money and Chloe was a seasoned vet. And an Angela/Michael showdown in the final would be fun.
As for Jeffrey being str8, he has a son, but I read somewhere he listed his sexuality as "undecided" or something like that. An i think Vincent mentioned something about having a wife. Michael is a big question mark. And Bradley is ugly, so who cares.


I am surprised you have not addressed the most important question regarding this show now... Is Jeffrey the only straight guy on the show? or is Vincent? Michael? Bradley?

Anyone know?

And was Bonnie gay?

I hated that the judges TRASHED Bonnie's outfit even though it looked exactly like what she proposed, which was chosen as one of the 4 best designs. Same for Robert's... It looked just like what he submitted which was chosen as one of the 4 best designs, but then suddenly they thought it was "Boring" and they raved over Angela & Keith's CRAPPY outfits. I don't get it.

I, too, am sick of clothes for women who wear under 85 pounds. Where is the reality here? No one could possibly wear the winning outfit that Angela made unless they had legs the size of a #2 pencil.


Laura's stuff all looks the same to me. And how marketable is that look? Not very, I don't think.


There are a lot of people that could be in the Top 3...

Robert could be.
Alison could be.
Michael could be.
Uli could be.
Bradley could be.
Kayne could be.

I think Jeffrey, Angela & Vincent are the least likely to be, but even they are not sure things to be booted.

It's anyone's game.

Glenn C

Why do Angela's outfits look like Madonna from the 80s with the underwear on the outside? I can just imagine that she dressed like that in high school.

Glenn C


I will write ot the show. I havent been to the Bravo message board but I assume that is the best way to contact them. If there is a better way let me know.


Well, the running off thing: he went to his boyfriend's apartment and got the spare key, so I'm assuming he went home. Using the internet was how he found an e-mail from the executive producer, and he replied to it, so I think that the internet thing was a little shady.


Glenn C- I love your suggestion. You should write to the producers, even for next season.

"I'd love to see a plus size competition with Monique as one of the guest judges. That would be off the hook." ~Glenn C.



I'd rather look at Beth A's saggy boobs than read this site, Dan. You're pretty boring.


What is with all the Uli love?
She makes the same damn dress every time. It's a great dress, but c'mon.
My perfect final 3 - at this point, coz we don't know what sh*t they might yet sling - is Laura, Michael and Alison.


I love the idea of a plus-size challenge. It really would test their skills in a very different way. There are plenty of plus-size models now, I think they should use professionals, since a pro can make an outfit work.

I'm really looking forward to the remaining challenges. I'd really like to get a glimpse into who these people are as designers.


Keith. I feel like maybe, from all the hype, and the fact that reality TV is so obsessed with people getting kicked off dramatically, they didn't maybe set him up a bit. Arrogant and annoying yeah, but the books thing doesn't add up: they all said how they were searched and had all their stuff taken when they moved in - where'd the books come from? I would not be surprised if they essentially 'hired' him to be That Guy and get tossed for Drama's sake. Call my cynical.

As for the rest, I think I agree with Dan's finalists. For me, I love Uli and Michael and, amazingly, Angela. I guess I like goofy...I think that her dog competition thing was fun, and if she'd told a story about a punk girl going clubbing instead of the weird French-teacher thing, it may have worked.

Ms. Pants

I don't think they'd ever do a plus size challenge because of the model thing. The girls they use are the pre-pubescent, stick figure boys. If they did a plus size challenege, it would mean padding the models or *gasp* getting different ones!!

Well, that and the fashion industry isn't really fond of fat.

But you just *KNOW* it would be full of "larger than life" puns. I'd have to vomit a lot. (Enough of that and I might be a stick figure too!)


I don't care who makes it to the final three. I just want to see Robert without a shirt once before I die. I think he is too yummy!

If Angela (by some freak of nature) makes it to the final three, I think I'll be sick!

For plus size challenges, they could make clothes for the contestants on the Biggest Loser. That would be a cool way to tie to the two shows together since they're both NBC owned.

Glenn C

I'd love to see a plus size competition with Monique as one of the guest judges. That would be off the hook.

Keith was a snake and deserved to go for all of the reasons listed. He really shot himself in the foot with his stupidity. I loved Laura's reaction, "Keith is an ass. Im glad he's gone." LOL too funny.


OMG, all Dan fans must be plus sized!! LOL!!!


OMG, there must have been a psychic connection between some of us last night. Watching Angela's pants walk down the runway, I was totally thinking about a plus size challenge - I'm not sure those pants would look good on a size 8!



Final 3: Uli, Alison, Michael

Kayne will pull a Robert on one of the challenges and accidentally design something inappropriate and blow it. Uli will win.

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