I an a travel writer and a georgaphy nerd.

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Really great idea..


wow - what a great blog site - i just love it
keep up the great work!

northernlad ***
:)))) gay & proud ****

Glenn C

Or how about auctioning off a dinner with you on ebay like Kathy Griffin is doing?

Glenn C

Hasn't anybody ever heard of the world's biggest garage sale http://www.ebay.com ???Amatuers! :P

Post a list of what you are selling here. You coul even make it an auction and then have people send money through Paypal. I wouldn't mind having a small souvenire from Mr. Renzi. Rachel from Road Rules is selling her Saturn from the Gauntlet 1


You're going to LA for a garage sale?


iove a good garage sale, but i live in hawaii. after i get my masters i'm moving to reno and traveling across country hitting all the flea markets. can't wait. i collect clocks. dan, buy me a cool clock and send it to me in hawaii. please, please, please.


Can't. Wait! :-)


Is this for real? My boyfriend lives off Doheny, he could use some furniture! LOL

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