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*LMAO* id go for the alcohol myself.
Good luck with the sale Dan.


I have nothing scandalous to sell, but I'll be there, too!

Glenn C

Dan, I'd love to buy some stuff. Why not contact me with a list of what you have that you could send me through the mail.

Or I could list the stuff in my ebay store. Then when it sells somebody in LA could mail it. I would handle all of the leg work like creating the listing, money transferring, etc. I do it all the time for other people. It works like a consignment thing.

Or you could just go to a porn store that buys old books, magazines, etc. You'd get a small fraction of the value but at least it would be gone. Email me and we can work something out. I love making money. But now I must go and prepare some mags for shipping.


I live closeby (Silverlake) I might just stop by and check it out. Thanks for the info.


I am trying to get my boyfriend to run over to your garage sale! Not sure if he will!
So if you are in Miami how are you selling your stuff in LA?? INTERESTING!

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