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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    That was pretty fucked up of Bravo though, making them sleep in an apartment that was all busted up.


    Love your brother's comments. Cool to see the views of a rockin the suburbs guy on the classic piece of teletrash that we call Project Runway.


    I listened to Tim Gunn's podcast on iTunes, and I think he's been smokin' something besides Andre. He went on about how the designers were babies for expecting the place to be fixed up when they got back and how unreasonable that was of them because they tore it up in the first place. Does he think for a minute they would have undertaken such wholesale destruction if he hadn't provided them with scissors, laundry bags, AND ORDERS TO DESTROY THE PLACE? Come up for air, Diver Dan! The producers were really out of line. It is not unreasonable to expect sheets, blankets, matresses and towels. I don't imagine Tim has spent a night on the floor since the Pig Party at the St. Marks Baths in '84.


    I was totally rooting for Stacey because she is from my hood (San Francisco), but her outfit totally sucked ass. I had to laugh when Michael Kors called the panites that she added under the shower curtain "high-stepping briefs". Hilarious.

    Ms. Pants

    I don't know--re: Bravo's cheapness.... The designers weren't necessarily told to rip the fabric off their beds or to circumsize the furniture. I wouldn't have done that--I'd have taken some bedsheets and then lots of accessories. And I think if they'd all been told that their stuff wouldn't be replaced or if they hadn't just assumed that their asses would be padded in gold for the competition, they wouldn't have done that either.

    I mean, seriously. They only get like $50 to $100 a challenge. That's about a set of sheets and some accessories right there. That's not "Destroy a perfectly nice bed and throw feathers around everywhere cos the maid and production crew will clean it up."


    And Laura was totally robbed. That coat totally should have won.

    Ms. Pants

    And also-- what the fuck was up with Malaaaaaaaaaaahn's Clockwork Orange eyeliner?! That little bitch needs to meet the business end of a Louisville Slugger. I volunteer to be at the swinging end.


    I thought Michael should have won. It's easy enough to make an outfit of big pieces of fabric but that coffee filter dress was awesome. You couldn't even tell! Oh well. Next week. I can't believe we have to wait a whole week. =/


    I could not believe the dress out of sheets won. I could've done that. No imagination needed whatsoever. I don't get it. What queen hasn't wrapped himself in a sheet and made it into a dress? He should've been eliminated for having no imagination. He's simply a good seamstress/tailor.


    This is hilarious. Got lost on his way to a Korn concert. Heh.

    Lipstick Mystic

    Dan's mad and crazy brother, we love you! Where have you been lately?

    The Lipstick Mystic is providing her own snarky Runway recaps, and so far, we are on the same page. I've devised a special point system where the designers are awarded points according to how cool and interesting they are and whether they'd be fun at parties. To hell with this design stuff.



    you your brother rocks

    The Aitch

    Love this! Love you!!


    I'm so glad you get possessed by Eminem when ProRun comes around!


    I am sooooooooo in love with the barbie-clothes designer and his clothes. He rocks. I mean, his clothes do. I can't wait for Keith "i'm a menswear designer!" to get booted.


    "Making Barbie clothes is a lot cooler than that Serena Williams crap-tasticness"

    Hysterical as always and dead on the money there Dan. I love Laura. She is my fav. Michael Kors is a damned riot!


    Brilliant as always, Dan.

    I am already in love witih Robert Best. Not sure why, I just am. He's adorable.

    But the burning question in my mind is: Is Keith Michael gay or straight? He doesn't really set off my gaydar, but he doesn't really set off my straightdar either...


    Whoa ms. pants, take a pill. "That little bitch needs to meet the business end of a Louisville Slugger. I volunteer to be at the swinging end." Ugly.


    Is Keith Michael gay or straight?

    I doubt he will admit anything on this show. He seems like a totall DL case to me.


    WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW I DIDN'T FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE FRICKIN' WORLD. lmao. Yeah. With that said, you still amaze me and you fucking rock.


    you forgot to mention how vincent-basket-hat at the runway was like "honestly i questioned the hat" what a loser

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