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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I know how you feel totally. my BF and i are starting the IVF process. I already have halloween costumes picked out for the first 9 years of my little daughters life. so help him God if he's a boy or he will learn the power of a good tuck so he can be the grand duchess anastacia for his 3rd halloween (i was going to make Anastacia the costume for their second year or life but i figure i should wait until they're at least 3 until I expect them to wear heels)


    Dan, I'd have a baby for you!


    Congratulations on taking up a new post at queerty! I like this here pic of you, but the one on the queerty website is H-O-T-T. Yup, those are TWO t's.


    Hey Dan!

    Just wanted to say congrats , just read the news about Queerty. Will you be able to keep this site going as well, hope so!

    Alpha Female

    Right on about letting your children express their individuality. I teach, and I've found that some of the more untraditional-looking parents are some of the best. Their kids rock, too!

    Way to pick up on that, Dan!


    wishing you good luck on kids in the future. It was seriously THE MOST amazing thing that has ever happened to us.(and we are pregnant again! just found out woohoo).

    Here's to being a great parent!


    Once many years ago when my daughter was around 12 or so we were driving downtown (in Austin)people watching which we would do alot because we had no money. We saw two men holding hands and holding the most beautiful little Asian girl. My daughter just smiled and said she wished she had gay parents. While I was alittle upset that she wanted different parents than me (ha), I was so proud that I was raising a very open minded child that could see that what a child needs is love whether it comes from her single parent (in my case) or from two men or two women. Dan, I think you will make an amazing parent. I would have loved having a person like you in my life to be a great male role model for my daughter.


    ok, confession time. Dan, i don't know you personally at all. I watched the real world, and all the challenges thereafter. i have a horrible memory for details (like spelling), but i have a great "sense for people". I think they call it high Emotional Intelligence or something. I have always admired your TV persona and how you carry yourself. I know, I know, editing, editing blah blah blah...but, there has to be some real truth to it when what i mostly see of you is so kind, caring, thoughtful and gently. All that said, i think you will make a great dad! And i picture it just like you day, a baby will be in your arms and you will walk into life together without ever missing a beat. May you be blessed with the realization of your heart's desire!

    Dino Foxx

    As a gay male, I sometimes feel that the feminine side of me has a biological clock that is ticking way louder than it should for me at this stage in my life. It is a ticking that I can’t seem to ignore and it gets louder and louder when I find myself around my coworkers and the beautiful children they have been blessed with. I would love nothing more than to see my big brown eyes in a child of my own or to even find love for a child who needs a good home. I hope that my future holds that reality and wish the same for you. Congrats on Queerty and the shout out on Pink Is the Blog. I think Dan is the new Pink.


    Great post


    Monday's date was the 6th hun ;o), unless you are already in 2007.

    When are you coming back to NYC?


    A marvelous idea...however you let the dog food run out...what about a child?
    Just a random thought.


    Nice post, Dan.


    You are spot-on about us crazy-looking people making great parents ;) I wasn't encourgaged to express my individuality growing up, but I did it anyway. I became the black sheep of the family for it. I encourage my son to be whoever he wants to be. His father blew a gasket when I allowed him to play with dolls, but hey, it's what HE wanted. I'm not about control. I'm about allowing my child to explore, think, create, imagine, and do/be whatever it is he wants to do/be.


    Ok Dan- so you wanna a trial run? Because my children (my little tax dependents!) are driving me mad! Boy is 13, and living with just his sister and me- well, he's in need of a big brother or something.

    We are just down the highway.



    I loved this entry.


    That's the cutest post i've read on the net in ages... I wanna be a dad one day too.
    ps - yay for Queerty


    oh to be a dad someday...i think i could do it, but i am having trouble with the two dogs and husband as it is...a would we vacation??? where would we board them...oh wait..that would be the dogs...oh well...great post..i can never get out of target without spending a fortune...ughhh...


    Um, I think I still have my Cabbage Patch Doll from 1st grade. She's not a real baby but I carried her on my shoulders like she was for like 2 years. I'll meet you at the Target in Burbank, Ca and you can have her. Her name is Cynthia, make sure you take good care of her.

    Seriously, though, Target, why the hell can't I get out of there without spending over $200? Mr Target CEO must have sold his soul to the devil.


    i can't wait to be a dad.

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