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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Was he sweating glitter?


    havent you had an exciting two days.. i went to high school with john johnson who won that male model search show.... hes dated marissa miller after it lucky guy.


    nick verreos??!? you stupid bitch! I would have died!
    I've seen jake gyllenhaal three times in the past few months, and they've all involved him standing very close behind me and pissing me off before I knew who was invading my personal bubble. Then is was ok because it was jake.


    o how i do love nick verreos, so jealous


    tsk. Look at me dripping with jealousy. :P

    Dub C

    You know what, celeb or not, I would've given him the snobby "yeah...hi" too.
    I'm nice like that.

    Actually it's all due to the fact that when I've run into celebrities and they realized I recognized them, they got all huffy when I didn't ask for an autograph. So for that, I say "stock up on the Glade cause your shit stinks too". Bitches.

    But Dan, you are the exception. I swear if I ever see you, I'm gonna hump the shit out of your leg and scream "Ooh baby, who's yo momma?!"

    And if you hit me, I'll bite you.

    Kthanksbye. =)

    Glenn C


    Marcellus was on Big Brother. He got voted out of the house when he could have used his amunity to get another person voted off.

    Stephanie, may I take over your body so that I can also see Jake? And where do you live that you have seen Jake three times in the past few months? I want to make out with Jake so bad!!! I may just tackle him to the ground and give him a big long wet one.

    As for my celeb spottings, I saw Mortin Downey, Jr. in Macy's in 1992 with his wife. He sounded very depressed. I waited on Reggie White in 1988 and he didn't have enough money to pay his bill. In 1995 I saw Greg Luganis and got my picture taken with him.


    I'm so envious of your seeing Nick! Only thing better would be to see Andrae & Tim Gunn out together at the Red Lobster.

    I've seen celebs in DC and Atlanta (Sean Sasser, Barney Frank, Julian Bond and others whom I admire immensely) but I never treat them differently from anyone else. I figure they must tire of being drooled over, so I want them to enjoy some peace & quiet & normalcy.

    If I saw Reichen Lehmkuhl, however, I would have to wrap myself around him immediately.


    Oh, I forgot: I did see one celebrity that I lost control over...

    When I saw Carol Channing in person I began jumping up and down (spontaneously - I COULD NOT HELP IT!!!) like a 5 year old girl. And God bless her, she responded with the same enthusiasm! I could start a religious faith built around Carol Channing.
    There will never be anyone else as loving and charming and joy-bringing as her.


    You saw Rob from Manhunt?! JEALOUS.

    If Tyra can have 6 cycles of Top Model, then SURELY Carmen Electra can have another shot at Manhunt.

    Besides, Bravo's losing it's gay audience... No Boy Meets Boy, Queer Eye's sucking a lot lately, and Project Runway's over with. Blow Out just sucks because Jonathan won't come out when it's the most OBVIOUS THING IN THE WORLD that he's a big nelly bottom at heart.


    Jane Jane

    I, too, am jealous that you saw Nick!!! Besides Santino, he was my absolute fave on the show!! If it were me, I would just about died!!

    I agree with Stephen. Bravo is losing it's gay edge. They really need to bring back Manhunt because I really miss Kevin Peak as the mole (granted, they would have to use another male model, but still). I stopped watching Queer Eye as soon as they got out of the Sig Chi house out at UNT (my friend interviewed them while they were out there) and Boy Meets Boy was actually interesting.


    I was about to post "who the hell is Nick Verreros" until I read a comment with a Project Runway reference. Oh, THAT Nick! Uncle Nick. Hottie Nick. NOW, I am jealous. I only get a Dustin Hoffman sighting in the subway, but Nick, AND Rob? I'm moving to LA.


    Well my boyfriend now lives in Beverly Hills, so I have been all around that area and I haven't seen one star YET! I am pissed! I wish I knew where they hung out at! LOL Which Starbucks is it that all the papparazzi hang out at to get the great pics! I want to go THERE! LOL I have flown in and out of LAX a lot and have yet to see anyone famous! HELP, tell me where to spot them at!!!


    Oh my goodness how I love Nick. I wish he's won ... or maybe a tie between him and Andrae. They were my favorites. He's definitely the bee's knees.


    ha ha ha ha! "Oh, that looks like an older Rue McClanahan"

    I did the same thing when I (maybe?) say Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought, "that woman looks like Sarah Jessica Parker," and then went on with my day. I didn't give it another thought until I was walking by Bloomingdales with my roommate and I saw this man and thought, "That looks like David Hasselhof." Then, my roommate started tapping my arm and whispering really loudly, "Look! That's David Hasselhoff!!!" And I was like, "Oh, it really is??" So therefore, now I think that maybe that was actually Sarah Jessica Parker.

    BTW, I went through the same thing when I saw you out that one night. I thought, "That guy looks like Dan Renzi." And then when you came over to talk to me and you said your name was Dan, I realized you really were Dan Renzi! I never actually think I am seeing people that I'm really seeing. I guess I don't think my life is exciting enough to actually have celebrity spottings be a part of it.


    dan, how would he not know who you are if you were to say something? you realize you are a bit of a celeb yourself, almost every person i know would recognize you in a heartbeat! next time you see nick just say look here bees knees i'm dan but you already know that, so let's be friends. the both of you are great.


    OK...anytime one of those "TREKKIES" present themselves to me I say..."Sulu's been in my house!". Not that I care Thankgod I wasn't there. My older brother is the nut. He apparently met him on a Trekkie cruise back in the 80's I believe. Of course now that Sulu came out of the closet I'm wondering what else my brother and Sulu were doing on that cruise?!? Can a phaser be set on queer? Also, around 1986 or so, my brother called me when I was at Ohio State and asked me where a good comic book store was so that he could take Chekhov to it. Comic book geek I was guilty of at the time, and for those who don't know, Checkhov was and/or is still involved in comics by either writing or drawing them. I of course passed on going with them.


    YOU MET NICK?!?! Oh man! Honestly though, I probably would have been equally as tight-lipped...but DAMN! NICK!?!? *swoon*
    Quick story: One night at a club in San Francisco, I was standing at the bar, waiting in the hopelessly long queue when a seemingly random dude sauntered right up to the front of the bar and said to me, "Hey...can a gentleman buy a lady a drink?" It was kinda dark and I couldn't really see...but then I got a good look and the random dude was NICHOLAS CAGE! I let him buy me a drink, we made meaningless small talk and then he sauntered out of the club...the encounter was brief but he was so cool. So effortlessly cool....
    I've also had the pleasure of meeting (and diving with) Greg Louganis...what a class act. LOVE HIM!

    Todd Sivard

    I live in San Diego and I see celebrities all the time when I go to LA. Well, I usually go to see a show and there's usually two or three in the audience. Hang around the theatre and you'll see plenty!


    I only see one "famous" person and I see him everywhere. I think he is stalking me. His name is Cletus T. Judd. And if you know who that is, I will be very surprised. I am always very embarrassed when I see him. Again. A fat man with platinum blonde hair is never a good thing.

    I wish I could trade Cletus for Marcellus. God, I loved that guy. He was great.

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