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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Kel de Texas

    Ugly Cows! Love it.

    Dude, you are way to into this show, I swear, you must be turning bi or something.

    Daniel V was all "Suck it" when Heidi told him he was lucky not to be kicked off. I'm so sick of Kara's crying ass, I hope she goes next!


    "So since they're the ones modeling they go to the makeup room, and they have this stylist who is like Damn, you are the ugliest bunch of motherfuckers I have ever seen! because they've all been locked in this sewing room with no windows like they're child laborers in China making sneakers for Nike, and they're all pale and greasy and fucked up."

    There's always that one quote in the review that makes the whole thing worth I was itching to read this review - I check back religiously every day after the show airs to see if it's posted. Love me some rocking white guy from the suburbs!


    Tippy Thomas

    "I'm going to be cutting myself all night to get over this shit."

    THAT'S the quote.


    FINALLY.....I had to wait 2 whole days for this recap! These make my week and the quotes....too many, too funny! Thank you, thank you angry white guy rockin' the suburbs brother..the recaps are better than the show!


    Let the truth be told: I don't watch that show anymore.

    This is better. Kudos to you!


    Who are you Dan's brother? Do you look anything like him?!! Wit runs in the family - that has got to be the funniest recap in history. Bravo


    Smooches to you for putting this up today! I'd been checking!


    God. I was going to quote what I liked best about your recap but then I realized I'd be quoting so damn much it'd look like a re-post and shit. Iron of Rage... OMGGGGGGG. Too freaking funny. And Kara sho' has been getting lucky as hell lately. Who knew? I'm sick of all her crying!


    Nick was f-ing robbed. Santino should have gotten The Auf. Ridiculous.


    Wanted to let you know I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. Got grounded for a month. Got off of it. Now I'm back. Whoo. That was a mouthful. Anyways, I'm going to go and read the rest of what I missed. Tootles.



    Nick. Wuz. Robbed.

    I now call it "Project Pile of Crap," but unfortunately: "Project Runway I can't quit you!!!"


    No effin' way peeps - Nick's stuff began sucking weeks ago. I even hated his Barbie outfit. I really like him as a person, but his stuff is not very original or pretty. Plus Dan's "little bro" was right, he was acting really prissy and immature. Yeah, pouting - that really sends a message, that really works (rolls eyes). Riiight. Good message to send to the students he teaches. Ay yi yi.


    BOO! They showed the final 3 on tonight's Access Hollywood. They were showing Heidi at the runways shows during Fashion Week. Debra Messing is the guest judge. I did not want to know yet!


    Nick's suit did suck, but Santino's outfit blew chunks. Plus, he was lying out his ass - she was NOT bouncing around backstage. I probably would have refused to wear it. The nicest thing they said about it - Kara has a nice body... well, Santino dude, you have nothing to do with that. If I had been Kara, I may have been chicken enough to say something, but I would have started scratching on my legs and complained that the glue was making me break out.


    "Seriously, somewhere Chastity Bono is licking her lips"

    LOL* How did Chas (pronounced Chaz with a Z) get brought into this? I like Chas though, she seems like a cool person.

    Michael Kors was hysterical last week! I love him. His clothes are so gorgeous too. The best was when Santino, a while back told Michael his clothing was for an older client!!! LOL* I thought poor Michael was going faint dead away. Do you remember that Dan?

    Dub C

    Nick went bye-bye. I don't even know if I wanna watch it anymore. I'm sure my boyfriend would pleased but like Hephaestion said, Nick. wuz. robbed.

    Oh yeah, great recap! =)


    Didn't Kara's outfit for Santino look like she just popped into Target and bought a few random, cheap clothes?

    I didn't see a damn thing wrong with Nick's suit for Dan. I thought it was the best look on the stage.

    Glenn C


    Michael Kors is so-o boring!!! After weeks of his bitchiness, it is just old and tired. Get some new lines, Michael. When he hates an outfit he makes some snippy jab like,"It looks like Little Abner on crack". He's just one note. And he complains about Santino's over the topness. People in glass houses should not throw stones, Michael.

    We get it. You're a fat old troll with a viscious sense of humor who is biter because you probably only gets laid once a year at gay pride! You should be happy because you're are on TV now and maybe you'll get some young boy toy to go out with you like Elton John did. And if you're lucky you can go to Canada or England and make it legal. So cheer up and quit the hateful comments. Life is too short.


    Haha "roll around in some horse shit and call it an outfit" indeed. Your commentary is very funny, keep it up.

    At the end of every show is a quicksilver bit of text that says something to the effect of "Project Runway judges consult with Bravo producers every episode when making decisions," so it's pretty clear that they kept Santino for shock value, and he is smart enough to know that he's the gay Omarosa. It'll get him through to the end of Project Runway, but is it going to be good for a long-term career in the fashion industry?

    Also, it occurred to me that Santino might have grown that beard so that he could shave it off after the show and not be recognizable, cuz otherwise in a couple weeks he won't be able to walk down 8th Avenue without queens throwing garbage at his 7-foot-tall-Osama ass screaming about how Nick wuz robbed and shit.

    Jonathan Chang ~ Socialite Extraordinaire

    This is my new favorite blog! I'm laughing so hard, I think i pissed myself!

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