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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Very entertaining, as usual! Love it!


    dan, word to your brother.


    Wow. You managed to make this episode sound more interesting than the snoozefest it actually was. Props!

    Jonathan Chang ~ Socialite Extraordinaire

    I've been waiting, since Wednesday night, to read your latest recap. I've checked your blog daily. Thanks for a great laugh!


    fantastic as usual.

    i really thought your little bro did write these.

    oh but, um, chloe is originally from laos, not china, i think she said.


    how come wendy pepper wasn't at the party?

    i can't decide if project runway was ashamed of her and didn't invite her or if she's over project runway and ditched out on the show...

    but yay for austin being all girly and fun! i want him to be my new best friend!


    "...And Chloe is like Yeah we’ve been taken hostage, we’ve all been taken hostage by the Bravo network! If I wanted to work like this I’d go back to China! She’s just over it."

    Quote of the week... me loves it. I lurve you, "Dan's brother." Whatever will we do without you when the show is over?

    Jane Jane

    I just love this recap. Great job, as always. It's the second best thing that happened this morning.

    The first? The fact that Texas isn't prepared for winter weather; so they delay school a couple of hours.


    Glenn C


    I loved this episode but then I love all of the episodes. I liked seeing last year's winners. Austin was so funny when he said that you can never be too rich or too thin and that he was thin so all he needed was to be rich.

    I felt sorry for Kara. Granted her dress was boring but they did like the outfit she was wearing. If she had only turned that into an evening gown. But hse was due to be axed because of previous bad performances and others helping her stay in by making her dresses. I liked it when Daniel V told Santino off.

    I wonder when Dan will announce the winner of his contst and what the prize will be. I hope it is something cool like a short phone conversation with Dan where he calls your house and chats with you for ten minutes.

    Chris got axed on Style Me this week. I was so sad because he is so talented and won like the majority of the challenges. What is up with that? They let that woman stay who dressed her client like a throw back from the 80s. It makes no sense.


    Glad to see you liked Nick's suit for Daniel. I thought it was EASILY the most wonderful & stunning makeover on the runway. Daniel V looked GREAT in Nick's suit. All that nit-picking about the fabric and the color of it can be summed up in one ugly little word: homophobia. I was shocked to see gay men obsessing over that suit supposedly looking "feminine." Who gives a damn? If you ask me, Nick was simply ahead of his time, pure & simple. Any show that could prefer the ludicrous, ugly junk that Santino was cranking out over the beautiful things Nick created loses all credibility with me.


    It would have been better if you didnt tell us your bro didnt write these. However you have a great creative mind. As for Wendy Pepper? Ewww... Who needs her. Im more concerned for Austin Scarlett, who is morphing into a woman before our eyes. He had the most girly clothes on in the room.


    i knew it was you and not your broyer...hehe...specially when u said the recap was delayed due to a cheerleading prac injury.

    can sumbody pls tell santino to lose the greasy sidesweep he's doing with his hair on top...yuck!


    These are the BEST!!! I wonder if any of the designers read this blog?? I bet they would laugh at it too! Especially love all that stuff about Kara's wackyness. She's a trip, I will miss her. Her dress did really suck though!

    no one

    I live for your recaps. Seriously - I love them more than PR itself.

    Bless you!


    Wendy Pepper was on a family trip and couldn't make it, according to Tim Gunn's podcast.

    It sounds as if Kara's dress looked worse in person - the unfinished, inappropriate length hem was right at the judges' eye level. Too bad too... I liked the back.

    Heidi notklum

    Too bad Santino won’t be able to put his dress together, we never stopped by Office Depot for him to buy any tape!

    Oh ma ga, so true, so true.
    This is definately the best show and the best recap out there. I still can't believe stunkino is still there after the butt-ugly, barbarella pantsuit. uggggg!


    Damn, I could have sworn I had pants on yesterday!


    love the recaps, but don't spoil the brother illusion. it's a lot funnier to think somebody's NOT being ironic about santino's sizzle.
    fo shizzle.


    loved the recap. i love you, as well as austin scarlett who i ran into in soho in october. he looked fabulous, as always, and even gave me an autograph: "may the spirit of glamour fill your life! xoxo Austin Scarlett"
    It was wonderful and so are you.

    Adam Sank

    The China comment was good, but the one that made me laugh out loud was: "She looks like she should be at the airport with a goddamned tambourine in her hand, asking for spare change."

    Bravo, Dan. Lovin' you hard.

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