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By Ed Flanagan,NBCNews


Get Back Together With Ex

Hysterics are genius. Carry on!


I just moved to Europe and we don’t get project runway, so from now on i will depend on your hilarious recap’s to fill me in, thank you!


Love the commentary, love the show in general.

BTW here's a link to see some hilarious Project Runway icons done up in South Park style:



man, that was hilarous. keep your posts comming.

dhyana rose

Thank you for another great morning of laughter !



Your commentary is fricking hilarious as usual. One of my other fave moments, though, was the shiny plants argument they had over Santino's dress, when Heidi told them all to dust their plants.

Faustus, M.D.

I love you.


Fell off my chair. That shit was hilarious!


Heh. The "She looked up to me" comment was the best. Oh Nick, how I adore thee.


Any chance your "brother" will find reruns and do recaps of the earlier episodes of Project Runway? I nearly peed myself laughing at these!!!


This is seriously the best fucking blog recap of PR I have ever seen. Ever! I am sitting here at work practically pissing myself with laughter. You rule, for sure.


Did you read Tim Gunn's blog? He said to Andrae: See you at the Red Lobster. Not even see you AT Red Lobster but at THE... Too funny. Loved the recap as always, darling.


Ok, this is my first time here and I will *certainly* be back. I am in hysterics!

"I sweat glitter"! That has got to be the funniest shit I have ever read...

"...and Tim was like Red Lobster? Who do I look like, Flavor Flav? Red Lobster is crap! I would rather eat my own left nut!" is a close second...

Genius. Sheer genius. Carry on.

Lima Baby

Dekho, yeh review to theek tha. Nick yaar so so hot hai. Mujhe uske saath love banane ka hai. Santino to devil ke mafik hai. Kara ko dhek ke aisa lagta hai jaise Real World ki Piggy ki sister hai. Chloe to bahut tiny tot mafik hai. Andrae chakka sala. Daniel V thik hai. Nick sabse HOT. Mujhe fu*k karo please Nick. Nick tumhe main suck karoon?

Laura K

Another great recap, Dan. Keep on spreading the PR love!


I'm in Oklahoma, which is the Buckle of the Bible Belt, and even the Christians who like it that way say it is.

Maybe Michigan is more like the the Bible Shoulder Pads.

Officer Friendly

First time here. Love the recap! The only thing that bothered me from the show was Daniel V saying he was from the Bible belt. Last time I checked the belt ran from Texas to the Carolinas. Not Michigan. Love the site, I'll be back motherfucker!


classic, i look forward to you after everyshow. i look crazy laughing out loud and wiping the tears from my eyes but maybe i am crazy.


"I am so gay, I sweat glitter!"

Awesome as always Dan! The best synopsis on the web babe. Can you imagine what this show has done for Red Lobster?! Beautiful people everywhere will be flocking to the "Denny's of Seafood" as I like to call it.

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