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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    And despite what the christian groups out there might have you think, it was movies like Clash of the Titans that brought out my homosexual predestination. Making Love? Not so much.


    making love is a great rainy sunday movie, but how can you say clash of the titans isn't? titans is the quintessential rainy sunday movie. toga! toga!

    Kel de Texas

    Harry Hamlin is a chrush of my past, present and future. I just saw him recently on T.V. and damn, he is still HOT!

    I'm guessing Kara is cut next.


    Making Love isn't released on DVD until February 7th.


    It's coming out on DVD on Feb. 7? I bet that's because of all the hype around Brokeback. I rented "Making Love" on tape a long time ago. Harry Hamlin in those tight pants made me so happy to be gay.


    I'm thinking Kara should be out tonight based on her lack of cha cha cha throughout the competition. Actually, I think she should have been out last week. What was up with that stupid No Trespassing dress?? Yuck.

    But I am kind of hoping for a shocking elimination tonight. I think I want Daniel V. to win it so maybe Santino or Andrae will need to go tonight. Can't wait!

    By the way, I have decided that if I join a roller derby league, my name will be Aunt Flo. How awesome is that?? ;)


    Probably Kara.

    Harry is sexy, but I think Michael Ontkean, who was the gay lover, is beautiful. And he was uber hot in the Twin Peaks TV series.

    Cocker spaniels are intrinsically dim. My mother had one as a kid and was always relating stories of how thick her dog was.

    Helen Damnation is another great drag name, but it is taken.


    I want it to be Kara. She annoys me more every week. I don't think it'll be Santino. Love him or hate him, he makes for good TV! It's going to be a good one. Can't wait.

    I might actually have to watch ANTM this time so I can enjoy those recaps, too. YAY. I'll never leave my house, either! YAY.

    Sheena the comment about the Cocker Spaniel...I have a JRT, and although they are notoriously smart, I don't think mine has any "common sense". She does the same thing...will randomly growl at either nothing or inanimate the time my mom visited and she thought her luggage was the's totally weird but hilarious :)


    I guess you can lick Harry Hamlin's chin but I have dibs on MICHAEL ONTKEAN. Oh my God, did I ever have a crush on him!! That hair! That bod! Michael, where are you?!?!

    I'm guessing that Kara gets cut tonight. That's been a long time coming...

    Alpha Female

    doesn't oprah have a cocker, or two?


    Oprah has two cocker spaniels, Solomon and Sophie, plus THREE golden retriever puppies!

    As for the cocker spaniel, yes, they were very popular and so got a little inbred... but she might be hearing something under the house or elsewhere. Our friend's Weimaraner would come over to my parents' house and would bark at the corner of a built-in china hutch and buffet. Turns out there was a small hole near the heat vent, which field mice were using as a way to get in. When he hunched down and started barking at something underneath the living room couch - and we figured out it wasn't his favorite toy - we took the couch out to the driveway and found the mouse family that lived in the couch.

    Mark / Iconoclast

    Dan, I'm glad you are on to David Rich. I first saw him in DNA Magazine. They published limited edition posters of several cover boyz and his is the only one to sell out. They also enclosed a 'fridge pic of him (stuck to the front of my file cabinet and deliciously looking at me now!) but the dam fool layout guy put the domain name right over top of his pubies. Anyway, David is the hottest I've seen in a long time.


    can the cocker spaniel see it's reflection at all? in the floor or something? i ask because puppy,who's a mutt, will stare at herself in fireplace tiles for minutes on end and bark at herself.

    Bourgeois Nerd

    All dogs do a little of the "What the hell can they be barking/looking at?!?!?" thing. My pug did, I know. (He was a fat, lazy dog, like the mutt. Isn't that the best type of dog?) But Cocker Spaniels are notoriously dumb, too, so maybe he's just retarded.

    Glenn C


    Yes, "Making Love" was such a great movie for its time and one of the first good gay movies. I was a little too young for "Boy In the Band" which was the first gay movie that from a gay perspective and aimed at a gay audience.

    Making Love was sorta aimed at gays. I don't like moives about closeted gay and their wives but at least Harry Hamlin's character was very out and open, a rare for thing for 1980. There was a scene in a gay bar. All the men were in their late 30s and up so I naturally thought there were no young gays like in the teens and 20s. Boy was I shocked when went to my first gay bar. I was like, "Where have all these guys been hiding?"

    I felt sorry for Harry Hamlin's character. He ended up alone at the end of the movie due to his own need for isolationism. The other guy ended up with a hunky boyfriend by the end of the movie. And even Kate jackson was remarried with a kid.

    The movie was very controversial. I watched it for the first time on cable and had to be very careful just in case my mother walked in on me.

    Faustus, M.D.

    I enjoyed Making Love except for the ridiculous sex scene in which every single thing each one of them does mirrors every single thing the other one of them does.

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