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How about something very trendy... Brangelina, or Brangie!


Patty O'Furniture.

It's the name my drag alter-ego has been using for almost seven years now....and I wouldn't change it.

The Aitch


BIG GAY DAN is your name!

Glenn C


Do you have to dress in drag as part of the cheerleading thing? I'd like to see pics of Dan in drag.

I saw some pageant on WE (I think it was Miss Universe) where Amarosa was hosting. I have a love-hate relationship with her but I only watched ten seconds of it and switched the channel.

God, American Idol auditions are here already? I liked the one girl with the bad tan. Simon requested her mother to come in and explain the girl's look. And the guy Simon told to shave his face and become a drag queen and the Russian girl who almost stripped for them. Too funny!

Ace got booted off the Gauntlet to Derrick. When I guy who is over 6 feet tall can't toss a guy who is 5'6", he deserves to lose. And Ace was so happy after it he took pictures. Some people deserve to stay in the Midwest forever and never leave.


Some of these I came up with, some are from other sources:

Charity Tellathaun
Polly Esther Blende
Fantasia Febreeze
Donna Thidedd
Amanda Steele
Miss Plaist-Trust
Amber Alert
Barbie Churette
Anna Stezia
LaVonda Runn
Liza Lott
Lisa Mercedes
Wanda Bette Awnett
Sue Nommy


How about Idoneta Fajina?


Ok... lots of random thoughts...

the allergies are kicking up a little so I actually snorted when I laughed at Helvetica Bold. Thank goodness its only me, the cat, and a glass of wine.

Do leave Arkansas alone...Arkansas not only had a president, but Johnny Cash (I just saw Walk the Line... great!) I bet Johnny did some meditative prayer at least...

A college buddy swore that her mother went to school with a girl named "Ima Ho"

My porn name would be either Coco Martin or Coco Cherry (First street I remember is Martin, but I know I also lived on Cherry Street at a young age).

And, TOTALLY off topic... I'm sorry, I don't necessarily think that at least Randy Jackson of American Idol is homophobic... I was wondering if that person was a girl or boy too!!! I'm glad he asked!


Shouldn't it be "Helluva Bottom Parter"?


Dantastic! Congrats on the cheerleading gig.


ken: Gurl I love you,
Straight up Fo'Sho.
Or I wouldna told dem ova girls
not to call me no mo

I knewed it was true,
da first day I seen you.
Why you thank I do,
the thangs I do?

Ramemba ha I use ta wine and dine you,
Schlits Malt Liquor and Bar-Ba-Q.
I gave you a bubble baffs and fed you grapes.
Dey was on sale that week a dolla niney-eight.

Romanic eenins afta dark,
Skreet light walks around da park.
Like the very first time,
you came ova my crib.

And you got all scared,
cause that roach was on yo Timb.
I was right therre,
with a can o' spray.
To be yo Super Man,
and save da day.

I ain't even pay my light bill,
so I can take you to da club.....
Don't knock ova does candles
and bu
ken: Don't knock ova does candles
and burn up my rug!

And dat nite we made luv,
for a long liddle bit of time.
I hope you got yours,
cause I Sho'nuff got mine.

I woke up early and made you breffix in bed.
Sep fo I ain't have no juice, no grits, and no eggs.
Didn't have no cereals and was fresh outta milk,
so we had some toast and some potada chips.

I use to rub lotion on yo feets,
and massage yo back.
I found you some glue,
when you lost one of yo tracks.

Now what man you knowded,
ever loved you like dis.
Gurl please just take my name
off dat child support list.


ken: .
you there
ken: can you se emy picture
ken: you ain't shit I'd tell yo mama you aint shit

Bill Skaggs

Dan, here are my new favorites.

Iona Traylor
Shelia Noya


What about Winnie Bago?


on the same line as Skatie Holmes ..how about Skatie Homos .


HEY Leave Arkansas alone! We did have a president come from here ya know!

Tara G

Okay, think Wonder Years ...

Perfect, perfect, name ..

DANica McKiller!!!!


Did Miss Arkansas really suggest meditating, don't they kick you out of state like Arkansas for that? Miss Hawaii/Congeniality recommended getting your fashion from the mannequins, there's got to be a joke in there somewhere. Well if you're part of The Flamers, Hot Tamale or something like that would be appropriate. Gia is a great movie.


I stole these from a discussion thread off of mytribe.com:

Carlotta Tendent
Rachel Tension
Anesta Roachez
Sue Veneer
Donna Matrix


I like Skaite Holmes!


Helvetica Bold! Love it.


the perfect name is
Hellofa Bottom Carter.
classy, yet spunky.
sorta a just-stick-the-head-in vibe to it, n'est-pas?

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