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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Dan II

    OMG - Every week this just keeps getting better.

    I'm an avid (or should I say rabid?) Project Runway fan. I never missed an episode last season and I make sure I'm able to see the episodes the moment that they come on this season.

    And now, I make a B-line for this blog on Thursdays to see what Danno's bro is saying. Every week I almost piss myself laughing. Tonight, I spit yogurt on my computer screen when his white gangsta stylings cracked me up. I love his take on the shows and his sense of humor.

    Keep up the good work, both of you! Looking forward to next week's post.


    You need to watch this video clip of Santino doing an impression of Tim singing Closer by NIN.

    Glenn C


    Santino was hysterical with his Tim Gunn imersoantion. His voice was so similiar it was freaky. But next week is even funier becuase we get to hear even more of it and Tim catches Santino doing the impersonation. "You have to make it work".

    Tim is actually an interesting guy. If eh was about ten years younger, he would be my type. I like his sophisticaton and charm.


    Hey 'Dan's brother'-you are soooooooooo wrong for that Corky reference. Also the Chico's one. You are one sick, amazing, twisted brother of a sister! LYLAS.


    Tarah went home too? Damn, I forgot about that!!! Zulema's dress DID look like something from Chico's and Santino's Tim Gunn impression rawks!! :D


    That was a fucked up episode. I like Daniel V, but I think Andrae's was better. I think Daniel V is letting Korrs & Gunn slob on his pole. That's so fucked up!


    She's all Can I sit here? and they're like No! Saved! Seat's saved!

    OMG. Hilarious. I'm sad Tarah is going home, she's a cutie pie. And I have to admit I agreed with Tim on Rachael but she sure did pull it out on the runway.


    nick totally turned me off with his childish behavoir.zulema did nothing wrong-don't hate the player hate the game

    Kel de Texas

    Nick is a punk, he totally put the Venazualian Voodo on Zulema. Plus, if anyone is slobbing Dan V's nob, I think its him.

    Total drama queen. If someone would've stole my model, I wouldn't have whined and cried and threatened to quit, I would've cut whoever with some sicissors and moved on.


    "I just can't do competitive sewing anymore!"


    This has got to be your best recap yet.


    I enjoyed the recap of the walkoff - actually when I saw it happen I wondered aloud how you'd recap it. Very Very funny.

    I can't believe Santino hasn't gotten eliminated yet - his work really really blows - and he totally ripped off the Grammy dress.


    Your recaps are completly off the hook...Please put a picture up of yourself so we can have a face with the hilarious recaps.

    French Albert (the "t" is silent)

    I thought Andrae should have won the "inspiration" dress competition. That "dirty water on rocks" dress was hot stuff... maybe the best thing done on this show. And I love Dan V but that "orchid" outfit was worse than a cartoon outfit on "The Jetson's" and it sho' 'nuf didn't look like no orchid either. Andrae was ROBBED.

    Nick still gets my prize for "most fun to watch," though, and I think he's awfully talented... but his "inspiration" dress really stunk, I thought.

    The Aitch

    Let's make babies


    did anyone see nick kiss dan when he came backstage and then chloe was there and she was gonna say something but then she saw what was happening and was like.. hmmmmmK bye


    my roomates deleted my project runway off the least i have this

    Glenn C


    I think they gave the win to Daniel V. because of seveal things:

    1) It was very close between Andrea and Daniel. They had the best scores.

    2) They've liked his work overall and he has only had one or two other wins. So they want to make up for where they had slighted him in the past.

    3) I think he is going to be in the top three and they want to justify that and maybe his winning the top prize.

    I think Andrea was robbed because he had the best dress by far. It looked expensive and was executed superbly and creative. Maybe if he does good next tme they will give him the win.


    Glen, get a job. Tim Gunn is hott at whatever age. I'll jump him right now, in fact.


    Oh, and it's not about Daniel's dress looking like an orchid, it's about being able to see that the orchid inspired the dress.


    hey! so dan LOVED you on anything MTV you were always a fave cuz who doesn't love gay guys right? anyway you make me laugh hysterically non-stop with your "brother's" project runway reviews cuz it's all totally true and just plain fun so thanks for that!

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