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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I can't believe you dislike Daniel F so much! I love that dude. What a total sweetie. Plus, he's not gay. So it was claimed in a recent article I read anyway... I know - I was shocked, too.

    I actually love Santino's bitchiness (when he was stifling his laughter at Andrae's runway meltdown? Classic) but he should have been eliminated in the lingerie challenge. That crap was not only ugly - it was totally unwearable. I mean, yes, Daniel's designs certainly weren't the most creative ever but they were something that actual people might buy and wear. I think they are keeping Santino around for the drama factor and that's disappointing.


    LOVE THE RECAP! I hope you get to shag Nick soon! Maybe Diane V. can hook you two up! Down with Santino! I am getting bored with his ruffles. I am so sad that Daniel F. was cut. I really enjoyed his soft and soothing voice and those brown eyes were endearing! I am hoping for more from Lupe. I like her.


    Santino could be The Purple Pie man or as we like to call him Rasputin.


    The show is no longer being sponsored by Banana Republic. They are now being sponsored by Saturn ... if that makes any sense. I guess after Jay refused to be associated with Banana Republic they changed the prize.


    Actually, a Banana Republic mentorship is still one of the prizes this season. The $100,000 seed money to start their own line is being provided by Saturn, though (along with a new car). They never said who ponied up the seed money last time - I always assumed it was Bravo.


    I LOVE DANIEL FRANCO! Humble, talented, open and honest. I am so pulling for him all the way. The designers are so much better this season than last with the exception of Jay. Where is Jay these days? Wendy "gross" Pepper was playing poker on Bravo the other night. *shudders*


    Thanks for the info. Kristin. My first post on Dan's site and I cock it up with misinformation. I must retreat into the deep recesses of the Interwebs to sheild myself from public scorn. Dan, you can pretend that I am Melissa and call me a "stupid bitch." But I think I might enjoy it ...


    I TOTALLY agree with Jason. They are keeping Santino on there for the DRAMA factor. Man, I actually liked him in the beginning and yes he did deserve to win that first challenge, but as the shows go by, I am finding myself actually feeling ill when he speaks. I was devastated when Daniel Franco got the boot! BOO-HOO!!!! My next choice is Nick!


    I read somewhere, that Jay gave the money back to whomever gave him the winning prize, because he felt that Banana Republic, didn't see eye to eye on design or would limit his designs...something or other...
    All I know is Mr. Jay, insulted my girl Kathy Griffin, about her styling on her show...and she was none too happy...

    DANIEL FRANCO ALL THE WAY...Oh wait...!?!

    Glenn C


    I was so upset when Heidi told Franco he was out(even though he isn't gay). Yeah, right we all believe Daniel Franco is straight. And I am the Pope. But still I was rooting for him to win. He has so much passion and drive. His designs were not the worst. Santino is just a hitler and a coward for trying to blame it all on Emmett. I'm glad Heidi called him on that. Shame on you Santino! And the other Danile's designs were too simplistic. You could go to Macy's and get undergarments like that. He never should have won.

    The guy who cried the other week (I think his name is Andrea) because his outfit was so bad was on a preview for next week. "Who the hell took my shafon?" is a line that you could only hear on Project Runway! Too too funny!!! LMAO Where do they fiind these queens?


    Hey Dan - long time listener, first time caller.

    My favorite Franco moment was in the second show when he thought he won... I laghed so hard and then hit rewind on my DVR so I could see it again... But I agree with Jason and Clint - they are keeping him for DRAMAH! If you can't trust reality TV anymore, who can you... ah who am I kidding?


    What? Long live Daniel "Deadline? What deadline?" Franco? Please. Yes, his garments are great and have great silhouettes, but he's much better suited for couture where you have the time to create, rather than a competition like this that focuses on creativity and speed. Franco's micromanagement and second-guessing is going to cost him, professionally, one day. And we already know what happens in the lingerie episode.

    Dan, awesome blog. It's great to see I'm not the only one doing Project Runway recaps! :D


    I am off the Runway for good! I was so pissed off last night that they kept that arrogrant fool Santino and dumped Daniel F. all for the sake of drama and not fashion! I was furious and I knocked off an email to the show plus posted about it on my little corner of the net (see blog).

    Auf Wiedersehen Project Runway- You're out!

    Evil Ho

    I could not stop laughing when you posted the pic of Santino as the Purple Pie Man. Unfortunately, I saw the final 7 contestants when they had "On this season..." Continue to read the final 7 if you want...

    They are Zulema, Andrae, Nick, Kara, Santino, Daniel V, and one girl (I think it's Chloe)


    I am so taking that Santino pic to use as an icon.


    Clint - sorry! I didn't mean to insinuate you mucked it up! I'm just a wee anal when it comes to my project runway trivia...


    did anyone else think it was weird that the judges liked daniel franco taking responsability for his collection and were upset that santino sold emmett out? during the sarah hudson challenge, they said vanessa shouldn't have owned up to being the weakest link, and didn't get upset with austin for naming that really anal? i just saw the old episode, so it was fresh in my mind.


    Ouch, I just stubbed my toe when I tripped on that name I dropped. That hurt. Anyway--

    OMG Thats hilarious. That meltdown of Andrae's was as painful to watch as Diane Keaton's wailing in Something's Gotta Give only we were rest assured Diane was acting. Andrae? Not so sure. And I loved that he was wearing an "I'm so LA" the whole time he acted like an utter froot loop. Yes, darling, you are!

    Great, awesome recaps, Dan. Love them all.


    Maybe they're keeping Andrae for the drama, too.

    I am pulling for Chloe at this point.

    Can you imagine anything scarier than trying to do actual real life business with Santino or Andrae?


    The Purple Pie Man is a good reference point and one that I had not thought of. Rasputin seems applicable as well. Around my house, though, Santino Rice will forever be known as General Zod, the villain from the second Superman movie. Between the black sparkly outfit he wore (does he put gloss in his beard?) and his planet-sized ego, it seems a perfect fit. I had a feeling that he wanted to shout at the judges during Episode Four. I would not have been at all surprised if he yelled, "Stupid judges! Kneel before Zod!"

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