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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    You should have stopped in Vegas on your way home!


    Wow, I somehow got to your blogging site and I must say that your thoughts are very honest (the only way they should be). It's very interesting to actually read the experience of someone who's been on reality television and read their input and behind-the-scene information that the viewers don't often see due to editing. I must say that you're amazing on The Inferno II. The way you just tell it like it say what you mean and mean what you say. And the way you have your friends' backs should be applauded. HOORAY FOR DAN!


    P.S. I'm a big fan of Jamie's and she rocks. It's sad that she's not shown as much on the show because she's so non-dramatic. To me, I kind of see her as "the-token-asian-chick". I'm guessing you didn't affliate with her much on the show?


    Dear Mr. Dan:

    Witness the power of FFF: I was walking down the street in -- of all places -- Pittsburgh, and while stopped at a corner to wait for the crossing signal, I felt the familiar marrow-shaking bass-line of a "this one goes to eleven" car stero playing some Fitty Cent. At the wheel was a 55-60 y/o caucasian gramma with huge black shades and a floppy beach hat. I shyte you not.

    FFF is everywhere. We are legion.


    Oh my god ! Dan i just had a fff moment ... while in atlanta fiddy had a concert and it was banging and i realize there is mostly gay and lezbians there and they were rapping to 50's song and they gay dude were doing bj dances to "candy shop " i was like whoa FREEKING FFF MOMENT WOOOO!


    Dan, I have not had a FFF moment.

    And to be honest, I'm not sure I want to.


    making your own club/group is so satisfying and fun. i am a founding member of AFA - Animal Free America. but that seemed to piss too many people off so we toned it down a bit and now we mainly go by our more friendly club name of PFL - Pet Free Lifestyle. I even made a web site for it and we get random emails from people wanting to join. so fun!

    the funniest part is how people never question our legitimacy and always seem to accept our right to create our own crazy group, even with only a few members.


    hehe, "landing strip for dumbass airlines." (about landons er, awesome hairdo)
    can't get enough of you sweet tits


    Hey, at least on "Inferno," it did come across that you knew the answer!


    if you knew the answer and had already done the puzzle in third grade, why didn't you know you could only take ONE ITEM at a time?

    you clearly said, "take the cow AND the hay". that's when they shut you up. i realize you didn't get all the info until later...but if you had already done the puzzle in third grade, then you would have known you could only take one at a time. you wouldn't have said to take the cow and the hay. i believe you figured it out later, but not right away.

    or was it just "editing" again....when you said cow and the hay.

    the fact is, i love you on this challenge. i just don't know why you are blaming editing. i've been reading the miz's blog too. unfortunately, (since i really don't care for mike) mike seems to give a more honest version of what happened.

    mike also contradicts what you said about the challenge where you defended veronica.

    you really don't have to defend how they "edit" you on the show. you come across great. it's when you make excuses for yourself....that looks bad IMO.


    Congratulations, you're a meathead, son. But you know what? Don't ever put your fucking hands in my underwear.


    I wanted to design you guys a logo! I had something similar in mind... a few bullet holes, but somemone beat me to the punch. Nice job. Only I would take those vertical black lines off the Fs.


    that looks good on this site, rock on fff people. ...the jaX

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