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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Nicole D. Niles

    Hey Dan! You should definetly come to Houston! Only because I don't want to be and have to, so you should! I mean, I love Houston itself, I mean, you can't find traffic like this any other place, well, maybe LA. And the smog is killer! But I myself am from San Antonio and that is where my heart is! I absolutely agree with you about Autin! It is an awesome place! I spent a New Years eve there a few years ago when I was stationed at Ft. Hood (in the ARMY), they had the ball drop and there were alot of weirdos out there (I am married to one of them). Anyway! I hope you continue having fun in Texas, and like I said, come to Houston, if I have to be here you should be to!!!!!
    P.S, loved you being you last night on Inferno! You are such a DIVA...I-LOVE-IT!!!!


    Hey Dan,
    LOVELOVELOVE austin as well.
    I migrated here from Pa. via Chapel Hill NC and plan on never ever leaving.

    Just buy a Keep Austin Weird baseball cap and book people, don an IM A NATIVE look on yer mug and dont go back home :)


    I don't like 50. He starts too much trouble and he thinks he is the shit. I do have to admit, I love his music but he doesn't have to act so damn arrogant. I guess I just can't stand his attitude. But more power to your club.


    I love 50! I think he's hot, it's a shame he got shot in the face. I wonder what he looked like before?? I would love to join the FFF club but it's a long haul from Ohio! Love ya Dan!!


    Dan loved you on lastnights RRchallenge. Your neurosis is becoming the complete comedy act, you tell 'em!! I wish you stuck up for Tanya more. 50 cent is a complete and utter NIGHTMARE.


    Hi Dan,

    You were the "ish" last night on the RR challenge!! And Fifty has a great body and looks good as long as he keeps a hat on, something is not right with that boy's head.



    Ok, I think you might be the only F that I know that liked 50. Just read your article on MR. ROMANCE with Fabio in the Lavender Mag, freakin hilarious! You should host that show. You'd be the best darn host there or at least we'll understand what the heck you're talking about. Never saw the show exactly - but Fabio? PUKE! Oh, and Gene Simmons of KISS loan his name to the show? DOUBLE YIKE! Yours was the best article in that issue. Thanks again!

    Seb from Minneapolis


    Cutie Dan!

    Just a quick note to say how fab you looked last night on the Inferno After-show........and you are by far the wittiest person ever to be on that or any challenge (Blair is witty too, but second to you!)

    Lovin you - is easy cause you're beautiful! - Maz


    50 is definetly yummy!!

    You made my night telling Tina just How it was!! HAHAHAHA

    Dan is AWESOME!!


    Yeah, I have to agree. You totally handed it to her last night on the Inferno. Good though...haha, and clever idea for your club!


    Please oh PLEASE tell me you were kidding about the 50 cent thing. The man is just, UGH! He starts shit to get attention, he's worse than Paris Hilton (Now thats one Attenion Whore I can love)! He's really not all that fabulous and if very marketed. I'm a white man and I see nothing gangster about him what so ever. He's been shot 8 times, or so I've heard. Atleast I know if I end up in the bronx one day I'll be safe, because those bastards have no aim what so ever!

    Note to people living in the Bronx, please don't shoot me, it was only sarcasm. Also, next time aim better. Abviously you were aiming at 50's temple area and shot him in the jaw. So next time, aim for the top of his hat, then you will get that temple you were aiming for. Just a little help.


    Abviously was suppose to be Obviously. I look like a Junior High student with all the spelling mistakes.


    I know this is kinda off topic but you were awesome on last night's show!!! The way you stood up for Tonya really showed that you were a good person and kinda contradicts the way they made you look during the whole Jodi thing. I was shocked though when Abe was sent in, I thought it was gonna be you, but I'm glad it wasn't.


    i love me some Austin. my best friend's kids live there (cuz of the school for the deaf). i love visiting, it's so different than where I live. I had a Keep Austin Weird bumper sticker but that car got totalled! I'm glad you like 50...I don't much myself, so I guess it balances out all over. I definitely won't be making the money he does (or buying Mike Tyson's house like he did) any time soon.


    Hey Dan-O. I saw 50 Cent on SNL this past weekend and LOVED the Candy Shop song. Love It. Right up there with Lil' Kim's MAGIC STICK. The candy references are to die for. Serrusly.

    BTW, when did you dye your hair? I've been a bad boy with keeping track of your blog.


    I used to live near there and had a lot of fun on 6th st. Don't know if it's still the same as that was about ten years ago. I made my mom a custom greeting card. Don't know what else I'm going to do, though. I love that Candy Shop song, too.


    Hey Dan! I must join your FFF club! The man is Fine!! I wish he would let me lick his lollipop. Anyways, keep rockin on Inferno II. Love ya lots!


    I am so already a member of your FFF club. Fuck me, Fifty. Coincidentally, I'm standing in your living room right now. When does this meeting start? If I'd known earlier I could have brought deviled eggs and vodka. Or just vodka.


    OMG what is wrong with you people?
    Loose Change has an amazing body but his face ain't too pretty. Ugh. Bleh.



    "Fidy" looks like Mike Tyson and I find both of them GROSS!

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