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aparagus also makes semen taste horrible.

pineapple juice has the opposite effect.


Well, I never expected to learn anything as bizarre as asparagus differential metabolism on a Dan Renzi website!!


it's your ability to discern the malodor that's unique Seb, other's around you are less likely to perceive it if they are the aforementioned nationalities.


read this y'all doubting bitches!
Mitchell SC. Food idiosyncrasies: beetroot and asparagus. Drug Metabolism & Disposition. 29(4 Pt 2):539-43, 2001 Apr


That's totally wrong. I have had it at Chinese Restaurants & Middle Eastern restuarants and it's still as bad. Plus, i'm in the minority groups mentioned above as well. SO, that's really a bogust analysis.

feisty girl

That's just WRONG.


hey dan, i love your blog! let me shed some light on the issue....the characteristic smell in the urine after asparagus ingestion can occur within 15-30 minutes of ingestion and not everyone can smell the odorous urine (chinese and israeli individuals appear to be particularly immune). As well, some individuals may not metabolize the sulfur compounds in asparagus to produce the characteristic smell.
so...given that you do metabolize asparagus in a way to produce malodorous urine which may be of some embarassment to you, i would suggest eating asparagus only in chinese or kosher restaurants (? is asparagus available at a deli). if you're really attached to asparagus and on a date, then as long as it's with nice chinese or israeli boy there shouldn't be a problem.


Oh my gosh, that's what i've been complaining about for years and had asked all my friends if that ever happens to them and they're all denying it. I love asparagus, but hate the peeing part of it. Thanks Dan - that's the funniest!


oh. my. goodness.


I was just complaining about asparagus today to a friend... I like how it tastes. I hate the after affect.


I just snorted coffee out of my nose! That is too funny to be true! So glad to have you back and posting!


That made me laugh out loud!


Ok, so I will be the one to ask probably the dumbest and most obvious question...how would on onlooker know whether or not you has asparagus for lunch?


That's insane!

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