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Dan is an arts and entertainment writer for the New Times newspapers, both the Miami and the Broward/Palm Beach editions. Dan was a participant in several MTV programs, including "The Real World" reality series and three season of the "Real World/Road Rules Challenges," and he has hosted various specials for the network. But he doesn't do MTV programs very much now, as he's getting too old and he thinks it's time to move on. Dan lives in Miami Beach, he is single, and he is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in being his life partner.

When Renzi beat out 40,000 other hopeful applicants to live his life “in the fishbowl,” the show’s producers felt viewers could relate to--and learn from--Renzi's experiences. Ostracized from his family for being gay, he strived to ease his strains with their Catholic, Midwestern sensibilities. He developed a relationship with a man who was “in the closet,” and wrestled with the conflicts the situation created. But above all, he refused to ever apologize for himself—something which landed him in constant trouble with his roommates, as well as showed viewers that living life on your own terms can only lead to a happy ending. Dan has since returned “to the fishbowl” of reality-TV for various “Real World” spin-off projects and specials. His latest MTV endeavor, “Real World/Road Rules Battle Of The Sexes,” was just broadcast this past year on MTV.

Dan now travels the U.S. as a speaker on LGBT issues, such as political campaigns for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). A talented comedian and writer, he has also has his writing featured in such publications as The Advocate, New York Press, and TV Guide. His comedy special Coming Out Party, filmed as part of the prestigious Los Angeles underground-comedy showcase “UnCabaret,” will be released on DVD in October 2003.

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The (Un)Ordinary Story of A Gay Guy

Dan tells his story of growing up gay in the Midwest, as he battled pressures from society to find out what the label "gay" means to him. Witty, irreverent, and very, very blunt, Dan goes beyond the process of "coming out," and explores issues of prejudice, diversity, “multiculturalism,” and self-identity that affect every member of our society.

Filled with humor and inspiration, this program appeals to all audiences--gay, straight and everything else--who appreciate the crazy twists and turns you experience when living life by your own rules. These are also the stories, in fact, that Dan told in his interviews to land a spot on “The Real World.”

The Increase In Rates, How To Stop The Trend

Dan is a certified HIV counselor, trained through the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based in Washington, D.C. As an HIV counselor, he participated in several nationwide research studies tracking infection rates among women and minority populations. He now uses this information to educate anyone who once thought they weren't affected by this disease.

A frank, honest talk about very delicate subjects, this highly educational program is tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Renzi has provided safe-sex workshops for young gay men, women's health seminars for college sororities, and lectures for churches on the community's role in protecting their constituents. This is definitely the “sex ed” class you never had in school--and you will wish you had.