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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    OOOh. You forgot the part where Spit-Chick averted her eyes because she didn't want to see her model's Calvin Kleins. Her boyfriend is the only man she has "fitted intimately". She wouldn't even touch him.

    Who would have thought Spit Chick would be that uptight? She makes Laura Bush seem like a truck-stop hooker.


    Why aren't you and your brother writing for "Cliff Notes"? These are the best synopses around...

    The Ghost of Klaus Nomi


    About Jack crying over the big secret thingy

    That doesn't happen until Episode 5 when Jack gets a staph infection that makes his face swell up and might be why he gets auf'd.


    I keep hoping that the Latino guy will be let go so that I can hear less about crying and letting us know how much he has to prove. Either that, and/or, a slapfight between Christian and Michael Kors. That is all.


    That was hilarious! Your brother should be writing for Television Without Pity, cause he seems to have all the snark that they've lost! The "turned a little gay" brought up an image of Joel McHale on "The Soup" with Little Gay standing on his hand.


    Sweet P's shirt reminded me of the episode of The Cosby Show when Denise made Theo a shirt...looked just like the Sweet P shirt.


    Excellent recap!!!!! Hilarious!

    Mr. Manager

    Hi Dan

    I just came from the Whitney Houston come-back concert, and I cried. Ms Houston has lost it.

    I blogged the concert.


    Hysterical stuff!


    You so rock..and I love your recaps...please keep them up.

    Did you watch the Real World this week? I know you are probably over it, but this last episode was interesting.

    Parisa gets pushed down and kicks the bitch out who does it. Some of the other housemates then turn on her even though she ws the one who got shoved.

    The best the girl is leaving she goes on this rant about how Parisa is nothing and everyone knows it, etc... Parisa says..."Have a nice flight. Take care." So grown up and someone who is bigger it was amazing.

    Love your blog..keep it up!


    So, i started watching Project Runway on time just to be able to fully appreciate these recaps...


    Once again I laughed out loud all the way thru Dan's re-cap of the fabulous Project Runway show. BEST TV show EVER!
    Incidentally, have you seen the delicious photo of Jack licking StraightKevin's neck on his MySpace page??


    Jack licking StraightKevin's neck:

    Jack got to be on the Today show with Tiki:

    ms. place

    Ok, you two win the PR recapper prize. They are the funniest by far. Please, please, please keep writing posts. You actually make this season seem exciting.


    check out who is hosting a new dance series on bravo : )!!


    It is kind of surreal to read reality show a reality show survivor. At least there was no voting off on TRW, though there were times I would have liked to see some people go bye-bye.


    haha @ peter - totally the same shirt! (she could have sold it to the judges if she brought that up as a style feature.. 'as seen on cosby')

    And nice synop dan+bro. Pretty much summed it up perfectly.


    I'm just going to say it. You guys simply MUST review EVERY PR episode. If not, I'll weep.


    This is just inspired fun! You MUST do this for each episode!

    Bill H

    "Man, I wish someone would grab him by his Cuisinart hairdo and sew is damn mouth shut."


    Although, I gotta say Christian was much less annoying this week. And, how about Jack carrying him around in his bag? Nice biceps!

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