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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I completely disagree with Tom. I think you're doing everything you can to keep this private; no one could ever identify this person from what you've put here, and this could really help someone.


    I don't agree with Tom. While this is sad and pitiful, it can also educate people as to the pain the other's face. Life has a way of making us think that our problems are the worst in the world, this can open up our eyes to the trials and tribulations of someone that ordinarily people might discount. I think it is horribly fantastic that it is being shared. Each time you learn of another's pain it offers the oppurtunity for you to become more and more caring and accepting.


    I don't find it pitiful. It is a glimpse into 12-step programs, and into the mind of a self-proclaimed addict. The owner of the diary didn't write it to look for pity, merely as a way to try and heal. It works for many, and I hope it worked for this person.

    Thanks for continuing to share this, Dan.


    Wow. That's some deep stuff right there...


    I almost fainted walking across paramount today on my way to meet with Ryan Murphy. I slowed my step and thought "maybe I was walking too fast" but then i realized i wasn't and it wasn't the heels either. I think i almost had a heart attack. i wanted to rip my wig off and pass out. It was because I hadn't eaten in 3 days because i didn't want to bloat. My OA group used to look at me like I was a snack and I had less of a right to be there. I hated them. So no i just wreak havoc alone on this body.
    are you an OA member? is that why you keep posting or you just like his blog?


    Just my $.02
    I don't think it's right either. If "tom riddle" happened to stumble upon your site can you imagine the shame they would feel after reading their diary posted online?
    We all have our own vices of one kind or another, why not just post the questions and have all of us answer them in the comments section, still interesting but not at anyone else's expense. Food for thought...


    ps the word food canm be substituted for anything - lying, sex, alcohol, cleaning whatever youre own particuliar addiction is


    i think it's fine you repost it dan.


    I appreciate that you post this Dan. I can see a piece of myself in this person and it has finally allowed me to admit to myself that I am hurting my own body by my drinking and overeating. I don't purge like this woman, but I am finally admitting that I have an issue and need to solve the problem. Thank you Dan, and thank you Tom Riddle.

    Trying to get better

    I also found these entries to be a real eye opener for me. I too abuse food and alcohol and honestly thought there was nobody else like me out there. Reading these entries inspired me to get some OA books and finally tackle this issue. Thanks Dan!


    I don't know, I rather think that if the author did see her diary posted here, and then saw the support and good-will posted in response, she might feel a little less alone. Or, better yet, re-read her words and think "I'm so glad to be through with that and healthy now."
    It's terribly sad, though.

    Glenn C

    I think this is a terrible invasion of privacy and a violation of the man's civil liberties. It's just as bad a wire taping. How would you feel if somebody found your diary and posted it on their blog or got it published? Your making entertainment out of another person's pain and suffering. It's just sleazy to dig through someone's trash and use their deepest darkest thoughts and feelings for your own personal gain and for other people to read it for enjoyment and amusement. Even if Tom never finds out that you've been doing this with his journal it is still morally wrong.

    Glenn C

    If you can't find nothing else to write about search for a good topic. I'd rather suffer through another Harry Potter blog (runs for rusty knife) than see these Tom Riddle blogs on your site. You are a far better writer than this. Show some integrity!!!

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