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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I came here via Blackbird.

    Mary Poppins and Curtains are both FABULOUS. Both very different shows and I don't recommend Curtains for children, but my husband and I loved it last May.

    Ms. Pants

    Oooooh, Dan! You could start up a post-secret type thing with journal entries and full journals! (P.O. Boxes are relatively cheap.)


    Avenue Q and Jersey Boys are great - but Spring Awakening lives up to the hype.


    I saw Company in February and it was the best show I had seen, though I don't think it is still play, so umm guess it doesn't matter!

    Ahh...the thinks we do for hot men!


    I can second Molly's Company recommendation (we saw it together, in fact). And I can also highly recommend an off-Broadway show called Altar Boyz. Sort of along the lines of Ave. Q in its irreverence, and hilarious to boot.

    I've heard great things about Spring Awakening and not so great things about the Spelling Bee.


    Big ol' theater queen weighs in...

    First of all, Company has closed, so it's out.

    I hated Spring Awakening with a passion, but clearly there are many people out there who love it lots, so what do I know.

    Haven't seen Xanadu yet, but it got surprisingly good reviews and just about everyone I know who has seen it has loved it. Campy fun.

    I loved Curtains, although the kiddies will be alternately bored or confused. The humor is a bit on the raunchy side (in a very good-natured, Borscht Belt kinda way). I suspect people who grew up on classic musicals will like it more than those who didn't.

    I really enjoyed Jersey Boys - it's still a pretty tough ticket to get.

    The Drowsy Chaperone is lots of fun (again, probably more for those with some working knowledge of musical theater). Apparently it hasn't been doing as well lately, which means good and relatively cheap (discounts, TKTS booth) seats are available.

    Spelling Bee is a good show. Very funny, and works well for people who aren't as into the theater. It's a rare case where the book is better than the score.

    Legally Blonde... eh. They just announced that MTV is going to broadcast the entire show. I'd say wait for TV and watch it for free.


    i remember seeing the jersey boys guys on good morning america or something a couple years ago. john lloyd young/frankie valli was sooooo fucking unbelievably hot. i cannot lie. looks like a good show. ...which really means... he is so sexy i'd go see it ten thousand times if i could.


    Always, ALWAYS go see the Disney stage productions. Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin were incredible, and I can't wait to see Mary Poppins.

    I saw Avenue Q three years ago, and I've never laughed so hard in my life. No idea if it's changed over the years at all, but I can't recommend it more.

    Hype or no, I wouldn't go see Jersey Boys in exchange for a Jenna Fischer sundae on a sea of million-dollar bills. Well, maybe I would.


    1st, if you can get to Rent before Adam and Anthony leave, your mind will blown! I flew up to see them on ReOpening Night and it was so good that my broke grad school butt is flying back Sunday for another viewing.

    2nd, I think you're right about what you said about "B's" guy... it makes me sad to think about how many people are so afraid of potential pain at the end of a relationship that they choose the immediate pain of watching the person walk away. And as for the guy's deliciousness, hopefully someone equally beautiful will come along sans commitment issues. I'd bet that "B" appreciates your thoughts and feels better knowing she's got the support of Dan (and maybe other readers).

    3rd, the diaries are a bit like postsecret but longer... not sure if many of your readers have livejournal or xanga accounts, but maybe they should send them to you and you could post an anon. list so we could continue this trend of journal loving without the people who post here feeling so on display?

    4th and lastly, you freaking rock Dan... not for any one specific reason, just in general :)


    Thanks everyone for the great recommendations! So much to choose from I may need to see 3or 4 of them. And Thanks, Dan for posting this! You do rock!



    Legally Blonde- Fun, frothy and infectious. loved it but i'm tight with LBB, the star (will you pick up that name i just dropped dearheart?)
    Spring Awakening- good tunes, didn't shatter my life and alter my being like Rent did @14
    Young Frankenstien- pre broadway run in seattle was great. happened to catch it and cant wait to see it in NYC. Megan Mulally kills in it and Sutton Foster is great.



    then again, i'm only 18, so what do i know?


    Dan, the best (and gayest) show on Broadway now is "Grey Gardens"... a MUST SEE for any gay guy. Seeing the 1970s cult-fave documentary of the same name before going is recommended, and if you see it, you will thank me for the rest of your life. Christine Ebersole is a GODDESS. (She is also the most gay friendly actress in history.) And her performsnce is so good it is of HISTORICAL quality greatness. She just won the Best Actress Tony last June for this show. It is MAGNIFICENT. A TRUE tour de force. But see the documentary before seeing the Broadway show because otherwise you won't know how PERFECT Ms. Ebersole's take on Edie Beale is.


    I've heard that Xanadu is hilarious, and you know that Cheyenne Jackson is the hottest gay actor/singer on Broadway, with the sexiest LEGS in the history of the world, so just seeing his legs would be worth the cost of admission. If you haven't seen the Incredible Mr. Jackson in anything, google his name to find his website and check out the photos of him when he starred in "All Shook Up" and "Rocky Horror Picture Show." He is SMOKIN'!!!!!!


    Avenue Q & Wicked are 2 of the best b'way shows I've ever seen! (I've seen both 3 times, and I'm not one to repeat...)


    Regarding Broadway shows: all I've seen that's playing now is Young Frankenstein, but I recommend it wholeheartedly! They recycle a lot of jokes from the movie - which is great, since the movie is hilarious - and the music is wonderfully fresh and catchy as heck. You can't NOT have a good time!


    I was in NYC in May and saw several shows.

    I am an almost-52 yr old mom and I absolutely LOVED Spring Awakening. I was familiar with the original play and this version was very true to the intent of the original. Some things, like teenage angst and curiousity never go out of style! Got the soundtrack and listen to it frequently, although not around my 10 yr old! Hairspray was a fun afternoon. The other shows I saw are now closed.


    Grey Gardens closed in July. (Otherwise I would recommend it.) Spelling Bee is great. Same for Spring Awakening and Ave Q. Go see Jersey Boys only if you can listen to that music for 2 hours straight. I cannot.


    Oh, Jersey Boys isn't a lot of what's on Broadway now (Legally Blonde, for example), it's definitely fluff, but it's fun fluff. Mermaid--not so much. Saw it in Denver (twice) and was not impressed. If you need a dose of Disney, Poppins is much better. Ave. Q is fantastic...saw it in Vegas, and catching it again on tour as it comes through. Spring Awakening--eh. It was ok, but I got that angsty teenager stuff out of my system a while ago, when I was a, well, angsty teenager.


    Saw Legally Blonde this last Friday and it was a lot of fun! Very energetic and spoofed itself quite a bit. It's not gonna change the world, but it doesn't claim to do that unlike some others who say they're the new sound of Broadway and fail miserably in my book (they will remain nameless). There is a lot of great stuff out there now. I would avoid Chorus Line though. Not that great.

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