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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I can't believe you didn't mention Adrianne Curry and her "marry a Brady" fame... though I'm not sure which category that fits into.

    I am looking forward to many deliciously awkward moments with Heather the Asperger's Syndrome girl. It's going to be a great season.

    Jose Romero

    hey D thanks for watching! sorry about the ruckus!!!! ill have throwing popcorn next time! ill have to rewatch. besos



    Adrianne Curry and her Very Brady husband will be on Dr. Phil sometime soon, I saw the commercial. CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?

    Oh, I hope not.


    wait...a girl has asperger's this cycle?

    oh holy christ. i hope she manages to not get eliminated early.


    I was just wmentioning this myself. It sesems like in order to be a contestant you have to have a fucked up childhood, a fucked up accent, fucked up teeth, or a fucked up disease that you don't really show any characteristics of while on the show.

    It's bizarre.

    I watch all the time (example: right now the Yoanna/Mercedes walk off is on MTV) but it is still bizarre.


    best show on television.


    Do I have to turn in my toaster oven?

    I can't watch "America's Next Top Model" for 5 minutes without falling asleep. Why would a gay man care about this show? The attraction escapes me. Now toss some big ol' hunks up there on the screen and ya got me.


    Hephaestion: exactly! I mean really, we see enough self-obsessed straight girls at gay bars as it is, why watch them on TV?!


    magickat: but that's exactly what tyra's m.o. has been and she's been pretty successful at it. take a disadvantage (ethnic minority, sexual orientation, disease, difficult background, f-ed up teeth) and dilute the characteristics so that you have many qualities of the advantaged majority and only one or two remaining vestiges of that disadvantage. (i.e. the weave and contacts and on/off ghetto slang diluting tyra's "blackness" with only her skin color to serve as a reminder that she is indeed african american. this makes her less threatening and more appealing/marketable to a largely caucasian majority. she fesses up to this on the tyra show in an attempt to get an asian girl with caucasian eyelid surgery and a caucasian boyfriend to admit to ingested self-marginalization. it doesn't work and the asian girl denies away and tyra is pretty pissed which is hilarious but totally beside the point. tyra's also obliquely mentioned this phenomenon when asking anchal "why the blue contacts?".)

    the lack of "showing characteristics" also serves to reinforce the status quo by making us all feel good about the current social landscape. we are presented with someone who symbolically represents the category of disadvantaged minority but lacks many of the "disagreeable" qualities which identify them as a minority. we see someone who doesn't "react" the way the "others" do and it makes us say, hey--there's an example of a well adjusted individual--someone who can succeed despite these disadvantages.

    this person is likeable and non threatening because they resemble the majority to a greater degree than "others" of the same category. this makes many think that these disadvantages aren't so much of a hindrance (marginalizes their adversity) and generates complacency, diminishing the impetus for changing the environment that fostered disadvantage on the basis of skin color/sexual orientation/f-ed up teeth etc. At the same time, I can recognize, and Tyra has indicated that she also recognizes, that some form of success (i.e. financial) requires some degree of submission toward a dominant ideology because well, they are dominant and you are not. Such is the world, but recognizing these things is pretty important towards figuring out how/what to adjust to reduce/eliminate inequity.

    sorry so long, but cultural studies fascinates me.


    Dan..Did you know you can write to Elyse from Cycle one of ANTM? Check out her blog her to get the details. I sent her a post card and she did send one back...


    Guess I should have read the blog before I posted--Oh Well...LOL


    Great blog! I added you to my blogroll. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider linking back.

    Most blogs allow you to enter your blog url in a special field in the comment section. If the blog doesn't have that feature, then you will also need to put my url in the comment.


    I used to like America's Next Top Model but your observations are dead on. Where are any of them? Plus what turned me off most was the fact a season would end and a new one would start within two months. Give the winner and some viewers some time. It's over kill!


    So if ANTM is Miss America, does that make Project Runway the Special Olympics?

    Just a thought?


    Umm this was the most brilliant analysis I've read in a long time. I really wish I was joking, but... I'm not even a little bit :)


    I don't watch much reality TV anymore, but that photo is nuts. Did they come to the photo shoot straight from Thunderdome?

    Faustus, M.D.

    Oh, my GOD, you are so TOTALLY right!

    However, I am already way over the Asperger's storyline, especially as Heather has thus far displayed no characteristics of someone with Asperger's syndrome. The only way we know she has Asperger's is that the editors have made sure to include lots of clips of the other girls talking about how weird she is acting, when in fact she is not.

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