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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    You just spent days reading a children's book, seemingly, cover to cover. You only blogged about this book and used words not found in any dictionary, argued with plot twists and, since when does your diet include chocolate cake? Yes, I've heard the books were good and I'm in favor of anything that gets kids to read more, however, are you sure its your neghibor whose the crazy one?


    Scot, you twit. It is not "a children's book," and even if it were, some of the best literature ever written could be described the same.

    Dan, I completely agree. The epilogue was a bit disappointing (too shiny-happy-people-holding-hands for me) and the wand shit was confusing. JK Rowling participated in a chatroom recently and clarified many things - google it, it's helpful.


    I have to agree with Scot. I have never read a HP book, nor will I. I thought I might be missing out on something til I read the posts over the last few days. The made up words alone annoyed the hell out of me. Having said that, I do think anything that gets kids to read is a good thing.

    Erica aka GroovyYaYa

    You are not going to read it because it is supposedly wrong to have made up words? Ever hear of Shakespeare? He made up a bunch of words - words that we use to this day! (zany, addiction, flawed, etc.) It truly is your loss to not read these based on "made up words" and Dan's random thoughts - which would only make sense if you had read the books. (In fact, Dan, I enjoyed your questions, and was frustrated by not being able to discuss!) On to your comments in this post, and SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't read it:

    1 - this is the FIRST of the HP books where I actually thought of the movie. Harry walking to his death - Dan Radcliffe supposedly is working on his acting, and he'll need some good "chops" for this one. I can't wait.. plus the Battle of Hogwarts. YAY NEVILLE!!!! Today is Neville's birthday btw, and tomorrow is Harry's :)

    2 - Dude, your grandma didn't have giant cocktail rings? Think of those big turquoise rings. Google for images of cocktail rings and you'll see what I mean. I totally had that in mind when she described the ring.

    3 - The Elder Wand represented power. It was in the book, and JK Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore knew HIS greatest weakness was the temptation of power, but he instead chose to stay at Hogwarts. This was clearly NOT Harry's weakness, as proven even in the first book - how else would he have gained the Sorcerer's Stone? Remember what Dumbledore said? Plus, Harry's weaknesses centered around something quite the opposite - fear of being like Voldemort, becoming him - and losing loved ones. Both of those fears became strengths in the end, and ultimately the power (the wand) did come to him. (It was a little Arthurian too... and the sword in the stone, etc.)

    OK, yes I am a dork... I read it in the first weekend, with a best friend who is as big of a dork as I am... and we even had the previous books to refer to!


    i need this movie now, to see Maggie Smith leading an army of enchanted desks...and to see Mrs Weasley duel Bellatrix, "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!"

    Erica aka GroovyYaYa

    Vince... I can't wait to see Neville kick some ass - and brandish that sword out of the Sorting Hat! I have a little soft spot for Neville.


    Luna motherfucking Lovegood.


    Scot, lighten up. God forbid Dan should do something he enjoys and not necessarily be thinking of how thin he could be getting at every moment of the day. Geesh. Who the hell are you to criticize?

    Finished the book on Sunday, and I hardly think the ending is shiny or happy. The epilogue, maybe, but that's something completely different. There were piles of Harry's dead friends all over the floor, for chrissakes.

    That said, perfect ending to an incredible series.


    I had to have a friend explain the Elder Wand for me. It actually makes sense:

    At the end of Book 6, Draco disarmed Dumbledore (DD was using the Elder Wand at the time) at the top of the tower. That is when the Elder Wand named Draco as it's master, since Dumbledore was defeated. Then since Snape killing DD was prearranged, it didn't count it as a defeat so the Elder Wand still considered Draco as its master. But the wand was retrieved by someone at Hogwarts, and was buried with DD, and later taken by Voldemort. Then Harry defeated Draco at their mansion and took Draco's wand. So at the end, when the Elder Wand (in Voldemort's hand) saw Harry using Draco's wand, it knew that Harry must have defeated Draco so the Elder Wand named Harry as it's master. So the Elder Wand wouldn't turn on its master when Voldemort tried to kill Harry, it backfired and killed him instead.

    Man, I don't think I've ever written a dorkier paragraph.


    Embrace your dorkdom, Craig. Eternal glory awaits!

    Me, I'm just trying to figure out why Dan's mother's name is Scot. The more I read that post...


    Ummm, yeah. I get that all words are made up. I guess I should have also pointed out that I don't enjoy this type of book/movie either. Couple the "strange" made up words and the type of book it is, and I don't feel I'm missing out. I'm happy that Dan enjoyed the books, but this just reinforced the fact that they aren't for me.


    I, personally, cant wait for the movie just becuase Radcliffe is naked in a few scenes in the book. And he is sexy as hell!


    I am so sorry you had your comments turned off over the past few days.

    I suppose Lord of the Rings isn't good literature because "hobbit" is a madeup fucking word too.

    Jesushchrist -- dismissing literature because the author creates an alternative vocabulary than what we're used to is a lame excuse for not trying to enjoy a little bit of escapism.

    Anyway -- I went back and listened to Jim Dale read the previous 6 books (we listen to them in the office) and now my love for Neville is right up there with my love for DAN! dan - you rule.

    I didn't enjoy this book as much as books three and four. I was able to put it down and do other things, whereas others in this series captivated me fully.

    I think she WROTE the book with SCREENPLAY images in mind, which is why so much of it is so visual, instead of it being magical in prose.

    And page 700? When Harry turns to his mom and asks her to stay close to him as he walks into his own death? I dropped the book and cried like a baby. As a mom, even if I were a dead one, having my son turn to me and ask me that at his moment of greatest need -- well, I can't even imagine.

    I enjoyed your blog posts as you were reading. they made my day.


    The depth of my love for Neville Longbottom cannot be described with words. Holy damn, I was all kinds of verklempt.

    Erica aka GroovyYaYa


    Oh, and I usually hate audiobooks, but I ADORE Jim Dale's reading of these books. Costco had a great deal on book 7, so I've already bought it.

    I can't believe that she wrote this one with the movie in mind - the last two or three chapters were drafted out years and years ago.

    But Christine, I'm with you on that page 700 - that whole chapter gets me, and Hagrid carrying Harry? OMG.

    (Oh, and I loved the Kreacher showed up in the end... another lesson about love and respect...)


    "I suppose Lord of the Rings isn't good literature because "hobbit" is a madeup fucking word too."

    Lord of the Rings isn't good for MANY reasons, but that isn't one of them.

    I'm very sorry I expressed an opinion. HP fans are worse than Claymates. I'm glad Dan (and all of you) enjoy the books... I simply don't feel they are for me. I'm happy they get kids to read, I'm happy you love them, but damn. I can have an opinion too. I'm sorry that it differs from all of yours.


    LOL @ Claymates.

    dan renzi

    Jennifer--you go ahead and say all the bad things about Harry Potter you want on my blog, I'm leaving them for all to enjoy.

    Erika--good connection with the Sorcerer's Stone reference. That was an "Ahhh" moment, reading your comment.

    Craig--and everyone else--I still don't buy the whole "I am your master so all your wands know they're mine" thing. It just seems like she was reaching. Although I know those chapters were written years ago...still, I found her facts to be a little weak. But who cares, it's just one detail.


    What are claymates?

    Um, Jennifer, I didn't attack you personally, I hope you realize that. And yes -- you are more than entitled to your opinion... for certain.

    i just think if you walk into a maelstrom of people who are very happy and excited about something and really into talking about, and you express contraries of opinion, you may get some negative responses. sorry if i offended.

    what is your favorite kind of literature. i'd love to know. i'm not a huge sci-fi fantasy person. i have a degree in english literature with a concentration on Irish theatre and dramatic arts. I read just about everything and there is very little I turn my nose up at. would love to dialog with you further. visit me and i'll visit you (blogwise, that is) if you've got a journal or blog that you want to share.

    you're welcome to visit my journal anytime -- open heart and arms.

    hopefully no hard feelings. I'm a kind sort of gal.

    Erica aka GroovyYaYa

    Dan and others - I have sooo enjoyed discussing the books here. I haven't really been this charged about discussing an author's intentions since college (Ed. major with a strong emphasis in literature)even in my bookclub.

    Although I certainly compared the Elder wand to power, etc. there is also a simpler answer. As Ollivander said, again in the first book, the "wand chooses the wizard" The wand may not have known Harry specifically, but it knew that Voldemort was not its master... and therefore would not work as effectively (several instances of using another's wand not being the best thing to do were mentioned throughout the series...I'm forgetting what books right now, as this is just dawning on me)

    In fact, Neville was using his father's old wand, I believe - which was broken in Order of the Phoenix, I believe... didn't it seem that Neville gained more confidence and power once he got his own wand? Hmmmm.

    You know what one of my biggest regrets is? That Joseph Campbell is no longer alive, and cannot do a special on this, to add to his "Power of the Myth" series.

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