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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Well, I'm bi and I'll give this a whirl.

    Women are crazier than men. No doubt -- simply because they have a much more complex psychological and emotional life. They analyze more. They analyze to death.

    But women are easier to deal with, why? Because women may not always say what they mean, but they are at least aware of what they're thinking and feeling, and if you've got a bit of intuition, you can figure it out. Men, as far as I can tell, don't even know what's on their own minds until it comes out of their mouths.

    That's how I break it down.


    Unquestionably men are crazier than women. They go on and on about how nuts women are but they don't see that they are psychotic themselves... hence they are the more insane of the two.


    Well sweetie - after years of counseling men, women, gay, straight, bi and so on . . . I'd say we're all pretty nutty. But, I sort of lean in the direction of what Kate said above.
    And I think your touch of nelly here and there is just enough to be charming, just the perfect amount to keep things fun when they need to be.

    Glenn C.

    Amen jake. I would never rule out dating somebdy just because they were feminine. I don't know why some gay men are turned off by feminine behavior. Is it because they are self-hating? I actually find some fem guys very sexy. I've a crush on this one guy for years who has his fem momments. He is a real catch actually! Unfortunately he has never returned any feelings. I can always hope though. ;P

    Chad A

    Wow - this whole Skooter Libby things got you steamed...

    Dana D.

    I couldn't agree with you more!!!


    Yes, yes, and yes! I forwarded this to all my female friends. You just basically summed up what every self-help relationship book just needs to admit.


    It really depends on the situation, really. I think women are easier to deal with. They are braver to show their craziness, they know people will accept them with all the paradoxes and insane logic. Man? They are the bad ones since forever. They are the jerks, they don't understand anything... with time, men started to hide every flaw so they wouldn't feel so insecure. They act like they are never wrong because if they show they can be wrong... women go nuts. They just adjusted to the situation.

    But that seems to apply only to straight men.

    Gay men? no, they are insane. If I had to choose between straight man and women, I would choose men. Gay men and women? Women.

    But then... gay men are more fun. Women can get kinda boring. Maybe the craziness of gay men is the thing that makes us keep going - trying to figure it out.


    You know the line from As Good As It Gets? "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability?" I've ALWAYS thought that works a whole lot better if you switch the genders.


    Ohhhhhh MY GOD those post could not have come at a better time. Amen brother Dan, Kate, Jake et. al. I know as a woman I can have moments of insanity but I definitely agree. At least I know what's going on in my head...whereas like Kate don't even know what they are thinking until it comes out or their actions carry it out. And then you get the "Wha_?" with the "t" if that's supposed to cover for the fact that they don't know they are being INSANE!!! I agree with Jennifer too on that quote. In no way am I bashing men...I love'em, but they are by far the tougher species to figure out and deal with.


    >I don't know why some gay men are turned off by feminine behavior. Is it because they are self-hating?

    Err, no. It's because we're turned on by male behavior. The idea that you have to act female because you're gay was really done to death 50 years ago. If you enjoy being effeminate, Lord, dear, I'm not about to stop you, but you're probably not a guy I want to date.

    Insane? Yes, we all are, I think. "Homo sapiens sapiens" has got to be one of the silliest of arrogant labels.

    Our unusual feature, as a species, is not that we're wise. It's that we're always sexually ready. We don't have rut seasons.

    Therefore, I propose a new name: "homo sexual sexual".


    My take is that whoever you don't have to be involved with romantically is easy to deal with, regardless of gender. The moment you throw in intense feelings, craziness ensues.


    Men and women are both crazy. No offense everybody.

    Women - can't drive.

    Men - leave the toilet seat up and pee OUTSIDE the toilet.

    Me - can drive and sits to pee (why stand if you can sit, ya know?)


    Women are easier to deal with for the simnple fact that they express themselves. Men clam up and it makes me feel nuts.


    Oh, you are just "girly" enough, Danny! I like to know who I'm talking to, and the Uber-Butch I-Am-Only-Gay-In-Bed-And-Don't-Fuckin-Kiss guys are such frauds. I like men who aren't afraid to change a tire, kiss a kitten, get sweaty, pet a puppy, appreciate something 'pretty', and just be themselves.

    Plus, you're tall and gorgeous, which never hurts. hehe


    "My take is that whoever you don't have to be involved with romantically is easy to deal with, regardless of gender. The moment you throw in intense feelings, craziness ensues."


    And as a gay girl, women are fucking insane. Not all women know how to express themselves and are in touch with with their feelings and all those other stereotypes. Some of them are completely out of touch with reality, it literally frightens me.


    you are so right. men are crazy and self-centered. they do want to always get their way and then act like you are a bitch cause you didn't get yours when the whole time they were manipulating the situation in their own favor. crazy, crazy. i would be a lesbian, but chicks are bitches too. it would be like going out with myself, which would be a nightmare. (although i can make myself come in the most awesome ways.hahahah)


    Okay...? I just think it is really really hard to find a genuine and honest person (honest with themselves and others that is). So here we are in an age where most everyone sees everyone else as some kind of enemy. Be it to their own ego, finances, relationships etc.. Not always but a lot of the time this is true. We only accept people when we see that they can be of some kind of help to us or non threat, emmotionally, financially, intellectually. Now it's just ffine fine to have friends and lovers but they all have the potential of turning into our enemies don't they? I think that one gets lucky when they meet a person that is familair with their dark side and "lighter" side and is not afraid to give that all to you all at once. I'm afraid of the men and women who cultivate too much of one or the other. because then you are dealing with a person who lies to themselves and you are dealing with an unrealized individual.
    It seems that men and women are asked to understand different things about this world and themselves. Whereas men are asked to be more logical and self serving women are asked to sacrifice and more emotionally intelligent and therefore find themselves often trapped. Men don't seem to get too trapped and even if they are they don't realize it and blame it on somebody else. Women go crazy because men can not cross over into their world of emmotions and intellect. It seems that we have to wait for a man to turn 40 before he gets anything that we've known since we were 23. I get really annoyed by how naive men can be in relationships. They often think they unerstand women and underestimate them when they really have no clue because they can not measure what a woman is because they are so ignorant as to how we function. Ive never dated a man who could appreciate who I was. Whereas I have female friends who completely understand me in a couple of outings.
    I think that our society validates, supports, and cultivates the self centerdness of men and it is not until much later in their lives (many trials, failures, and lessons later) that men can really relate to a woman's mind and world, if it ever even happens.
    My question is why do men think that we owe them a training session in how to be human, and why is it that after they get their lesson (which they never ever master) do they then not pay hommage to their teacher (us). Okay that's all, and I'd like to send a shout out to all men... YOU SUCK! Thank you =)

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