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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I think you should do another challenge, but only if Coral & Melissa are on there. That's just gold right there. I'd seriously give up dick for those bitches.

    P.S. Queerty didn't deserve you anyway. ;)


    I tried Queerty because of you. They seem a bit pretentious - definitely not my speed. I'm glad to read that you are excited about your new situation.


    Dear Dan:
    I understand you can't write about queer stuff. But can you still write about AG?


    Hey Hun- I couldn't get into Queerty either. Glad you have moved on. Your blog is more entertaining.

    Also, it's not like Brad and Angelina had the baby in a hut. These people live comfortably no matter where they go. The general public seems to forget this and I just heard Pitt is doing Ocean's 13. More Millions!!


    I was wondering about Queerty. Je t'aime, mon ami.


    Finally, someone else who appreciates "Deadliest Catch"! Although, I like it for reasons other than Edgar. But I am not sure what those reasons are.

    Glenn C


    You are quite the vagabond. I think you have moved to three cities in the past year. When and how did you get a place in Miami. And what the heck every happened to that article or documentary about your trip from Austin to Miami? I guess it was for Queerty so I assume it has been nixed. What a shame it would have been very interesting.

    I'd love to come to your birthday party. How did you get all of these friends from just being in Miami for like a month? Maybe I can send you a nice gift in the mail.

    Do you keep in touch with any of the Real World/Road World cast members? Do you talk to any of the gay cast member slike Norman or Karomo? Did Norman live up to your expectations since he was your first crush?
    I got an email from Beth who is doing a new challenge in Brazil.



    Oh, definitely keep doing the reality challenges. They are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I particularly love it when you lose your temper over some tarted up teenager with an attitude. ;)

    The Ghost of Blanche The Other Mt. Pilot Good Time Girl

    Dan, Dan, Dan. You should know by know that if you pile a bunch of queens in a car, you better not be going any further than the nearest gay bar (much less cross country) or it's gonna be a false eyelash and fishnet frenzy.

    Did you and Pear Puss lock horns over that Skippy the Mt. Pilot Good Time Girl female impersonator depicted in the photos from the now infamous trip-a-logue?

    We, the handful of loyal readers of this obscure blog, want to know WTF happened! This is more gripping than the Who Shot Mr. Burns cliffhanger from the Simpsons. And we don't wanna hear any of that "for contractural reasons I am legally obligated" crap either. Did you pull Pear Pussess's burgandy cellophaned hair out by it's yellowing gray roots? Any smacking or name calling. Black eyes? Cut lips? Make up sex? Something you'll be going to court over, perhaps? Come on Dan! Throw us a great big chocolate covered poisoned bon-bon.

    Also, why don't you pull a Gore Vidal on those bastards at Qweerty and do what he did to get around the porno rules with Myra Breckinridge (he substituted all the dirty words with the names of the Supreme Court Justices.) Or like the Malcontent is doing since he got the threatening letter from Oprah's lawyer -- he just renamed all the posts, video and photos pertaining to her as Twatty McGee. So maybe instead of gay you could write about normal. You know the annual Normal Pride Parade or the neighborhood Normal Bar or the Normal Marriage Amendment or Bill O'Reilly stated on Fox News today, "Ain't it a shame about all those disgusting normal people in San Francisco who shouldn't be seen by our children. The US government should build a fence and guard it with the SS. And don't forget it was my idea in case they do it."

    Unlike the other shameless brown nosers commenting here, I'll admit that there might be a slight chance that I will more likely than not continue to read Qweerty if I accidently click on it while going for my Bratboy bookmark and can't get to the "stop loading this page" button in time, but I have internet through my cable provider so wish me luck. I hope this doesn't put you on suicide watch. But to be honest I just don't love you enough(maybe if you posted some nude photos of yourself) to give up MollyGood!, the sister blog to Qweerty. Her wicked sense of humor satisfies by 80% the Kathy Griffin junkie in me plus she's been known to respond to my emails, unlike other un-named bloggers who will go un-named but should be able to figure it out if they bother to read the comments section of their blogs, which from what I hear they don't.


    I share the same sentiment as most other readers; I am so glad you now have more time/less contractual distractions to bless us with your daily musings. This website is about that, and Queerty is about something else. It seemed your website wasn't as entertaining while you were doing queerty.

    Dan, you do whatever you need to do to make the $$$. You now live in the real world like the rest of us, but somehow you manage to make everyone look your way and want to hear what you have to say.

    I too may read queerty once in a while (not knowing what happened, of course). And I respect you for not lambasting them if something nasty went down. You even kept their link up on your site. High road...good for you!



    can someone please explain this to me? dan is the coolest, smartest guy around. so, why can't all these people he has had jobs with have problems with dan?

    i just don't get it. dan is so talented...yet, in all these years of dan trying to get a job THERE ISN'T A SINGLE PERSON/COMPANY IN THE WORLD WHO WILL HIRE DAN!


    i guess we are the only ones to see how wonderful dan is. also, why would he ever have to live in his car? why would he have no friends to turn too? so odd, i don't get it.

    it couldn't be dan, could it? oh, no. dan is so innocent. never hurt anyone, ever!

    Kamasutra Jones

    I don't get the whole Queerty thing. Bradford was great. Dan was an equally great replacement. But, now he's gone, too? They still list him as editor. Though, for better queer stuff I usually check out towleroad or kenneth in the (212). That said, I JUST found Dan's page today, and I'm hooked. I've been in love with him since those heady days back in Miami when he was climbing through bathroom windows. LOL (Seriously, love you, Dan!)


    Thanks for giving me something fun and interesting to read at work! If you're ever in the SLC, look me up.

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