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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    I <3 the AG story's
    I <3 being the first to comment
    I wish I was as big a stud as dan renzi

    Miss Veruca Salt




    I love your blog (and you of course). I'm not sure what to make of AG. Part of me wants you to live happily ever after, and the other wants me to blow him off--but you guys aren't dating exclusively...

    P.S. I love your work at Queerty (and the great slam on Sully the doofus! God bless you!!).


    AG seems like a real loser to me. You know you can do better than picking up confused college boys who want nothing more than a down-low booty call. I love you Dan, but it's time for you to get a man who wont hesitate treating you the same way in public :-)...but you know that already.

    The Aitch

    Me thinks Ag stands for either:

    Auto Go


    Austing Grandpa.

    Which is it?


    oh, dan! i would have thrown his ass out right then and there! that poor girl!

    once i was talking to my friends about this guy i was dating and she asked his name. when i told her (it was a very different name) she informed me that he was her best friend's boyfriend. her best friend was a girl. i flipped out on the guy.


    I don't think people get that this happened a while ago. I would have just enjoyed the ride.


    Fuck pink! Fuck perez! Your hot


    Wow. It's all so... naughty. ;)


    Dan I love the stories with AG. Love the drama, I think that you are making this guys' head spin more than he is making yours! hehe. Very confused little boy and you are just taking away his innocense. Does he know that right now he is playing with fire. Loves you babe! Keep the stories coming. I have been craving them everyday, like a daily dose of Renzi coffee. Dark with sweet cream.


    That's IS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! I love it!! Straight boys are fun! as long as you're not hurting the one he's dating...

    Glenn C.


    This guy is a real loser. And I also think you should meet some nice, funny, cute, financially secure, dependable guy, preferably from Ohio (wink wink) who can treat you with a thousand times more respect than this AG. Besides if he is cheating on you with this girl, who knows who else he is hoping into bed with at odd hours of the night not to mention during the day in between classes.

    I knew guys like this when I was an undergrad who would have sex at any chance they could. They had a girlfriend or two and had a few gay guys as fuck buddies on the side then they would cruise the bathrooms,malls and parks in between.

    Dan you are so much better than this guy can ever give you!!! I hope you tossed the twink aside on the curb for the local garbage men to pick up.

    Fred Peth

    Hello. I am having trouble. I cannot come out. My mother knows, but my friends will probably disown me. They dont understand, they never do. I work in a very macho environment (Fire Fighter)....and there is NO WAY i can talk to them. I am just interested in stories, or places to turn. Thank you Dan for your help, or whoever can...847-606-3202.


    how about his phone # ?, I'll be in Austin in a couple weeks! :)
    good luck in FL btw, always enjoy your blog, dude.


    typical. played you out for the pussy. tsk tsk

    Erik W


    If you ever come to Reno I will make you forget all about AG. I will fuck you silly!
    You are way too nice of a guy to put up with that crap. I really shouldn't talk though I've been in several of those types of relationships with "straight" guys who always have to remind you that they are seeing some girl. Usually after they've shamelessly bottomed for you and asked you to spank them durning and after.
    Neither one of us needs that shit!
    Anywho, think you're awesome.

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