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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    My Sunday night was spent watching reruns of Simpsons and Family Guy on Fox, with the occasional check of the score on ABC. Didn't watch the half-time show, didn't care.

    And, was it me or did a large number of people say "Yes!" when they found out that waste of human life died from gunshot wounds while being arrested?


    1. This was incredibly helpful. I took a yoga class last night instead of watching the game, which I could have done at a party full of 'mos, but I'd still rather do yoga.

    2. I'll wear whatever the hell I want.

    3. I wasn't sure. Farewell Grandpa.

    4. Sigh. This gives me no pleasure.

    5. Nice to hear this scientifically confirmed. I hope it gets a lot of lurid media exposure, so that all the straight guys start falling over each other to show how accepting they are, so no one will think they are secretly gay.

    6. Thanks. I wish I saw more movies so I would have half a clue as to how to vote.

    7. A valid point, but at the same time she misses the point. Straight men cheat on their wives because they are shits. Gay men cheat on their wives because society pressured them to live a lie. Yes, they made a choice, but one made under much duress. If your options were marry a woman or be dragged by your penis until you died, which choice would you make, Dan?

    If this woman spent more time helping to make society more accepting to those who are different, instead of pointing fingers at people who are as much victims as the women they marry, maybe she wouldn't have any friends whose lives were ruined by marrying gay men.

    And I'm done.


    Yeah, so my Seahawks lost. Oh well.
    Seattle has had a more important victory recently, one you all can definitely appreciate.


    If they didn't have to hide their love from everyone, they wouldn't have to get married. Withour being married, they wouldn't be adulterers. Period.


    I think the author of that opinion piece makes a fair point regarding Brokeback Mountain. However, unlike a commenter above, I wouldn't go so far as to say that societal pressures are responsible for all adultry in relationship wherein one partner is homosexual. Straight, gay, or in-between; people make bad choices all of the time (with regards to relationships). Pressuring anyone into a marriage is horrible (no matter what their sexuality might be). Using an adulterous(sp?) relationship to escape the first bad decision is just adding fuel to the fire. Two wrongs don't make a right.


    That study sounds ca-ra-zy. Hard-on monitors?? But I already knew that. Fred Phelps = gayest gay that ever gayed.


    Dan..Im linking you to my journal. Hope you dont mind..:)
    I got drunk on Saturday night.
    Woke up Sunday with a vicious cold. Took cold medicine that knocked me out for 3 hours and I missed most of the superbowl..


    i love heatherette!


    dan, are you living in austin now? because i have a reliable source that spotted you and your cold at heb tonight. she was too chicken to say hi, but i would have given you some love, and offered to bring you chicken soup! ;)


    I watched the SuperBowl, more closely than I have ever done before... and was incredibly sad. BUT, I'd rather have the Seahawks lose than win with some terrible bad calls and favoritism by the refs!

    Plus, do read the article about Washington (the state) linked above. YAY, the anti-discrimination towards gay people bill did pass. A family friend and his partner are one of the couples fighting for the right for marriage, and I know they worked on this too. I'm so happy for them... but those who live in WA or have family in WA, look out... Tim "the shit" Eyman (a local guy who has made a career out of scamming $$ by creating initiatives) is out to overturn the bill.

    Speaking of WA, check out the mayor of Spokane if you want to see what a repressed homophobic is all about (of course, he's the added bonus of also being an accused pedophile...)

    I also have to agree with Chris... two wrongs don't make a right. Being a victim of society's homophobia doesn't give you license to hurt another person... as sad as it is, they could have chosen to just not marry - be working cowboys, drifters, whatever. Yes, a sad existence, but one that wouldn't have harmed others. Because you were beaten as a child doesn't give you the right to beat...

    Still, I hope Brokeback Mt. wins, just to piss off all the people who tried to boycott it (but did you hear, they thought it wouldn't go over well in some of the "red" states or at least states where people might be a little more homophobic... people in Montana are going to see it, and liking it a lot... I heard it on the radio.. even some of the conservative, straight cowboy types are finding more similarites than differences perhaps?


    Glenn C


    Maybe I am like a thousand years old but I remember not too long ago years about the time the movie takes place that everyone had to marry. It was a matter of choice. You were basically expected to marry a woman wheather you were gay or straight. Being single was considered abnormal and you were treated without dignity. And you could forget about divorcing your spouse and becoming a single parent because society treated people who did that as a pariah! So that witch who wrote that article must be too young to remember the "good old days".

    You can't blame the men or anybody who cheated back then. If it happened today, then I might accuse gay men who marry and cheat as adulterers. I just don't see "Brokeback Mountain" as advocating or approving of adultry. It was what it was for its time. And that's the whole point of the movie! It's an important part of gay history and it shoudl teach everyone a leson of hte dangers of hiding in the closet and the dangers of putting social preassure on gays to be closeted and marry women. It should tell straght people that this is why gays shoudl be given the right to marry because if they don't they may end of having to marry woman in a lie of a marriage.


    i don't understand why that journalist won't see the movie--shouldn't she at least give it a try before condemning it?


    Complex issues involving human beings and their relationships are just that. Complex.

    Human nature is to try to make sense of complex human relationship issues by forcing the participants into a template of good vs. bad.

    In general, people do the best they can with the knowledge, resources and constraints they have at any particular time. Ms. Jardon’s friend as well as Ms. Jardon's’s friend’s ex-husband were likely doing the best they could at the time too. I'm not sure what good casting either of them as a victim or a perpetrator does for them or for anyone else who might learn something from their situation.

    In addition, I don't see how Ms. Jardon can gain a better understanding of this issue by refusing to see the movie, but perhaps she's not interested in a deeper understanding. Regardless, I'm sure she's doing the best she can.


    Wait... I brainfarted on the time frame of the film... but still, even though you might be looked at askance if you didn't marry, it wasn't entirely, completely unusual. I've talked to several people who had a "bachelor uncle" . . . some families were aware and accepting - didn't have a problem when uncle brought another bachelor "buddy" over. Others I think willingly kept themselves in the dark.

    I do think that Ms. Jardon and her friend should go... it might be cathartic.

    (Pardon my poor spelling tonight... I"m too tired to spell check.)

    Kellie Powell

    Hi. This is the letter that I sent to Ms. Jardon and her editor:

    To the Editor,

    I think Ms. Jardon raises an interesting point about the film "Brokeback Mountain" in her editorial published on Feb. 5 of this year. Two men commit adultery, and as we all know, adultery has serious consequences for everyone involved.

    But she is wrong to assume that the movie ignores the suffering of the wives who are deceived.

    Michelle Williams is nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award for her role as Heath Ledger's character's wife. She portrays a woman who is betrayed by the man she loves. In the film, his betrayal leads to their divorce, and not only her suffering, but the suffering of her two daughters.

    I would hate for Ms. Jardon to think that the film glorifies adultery. I think if you saw the movie, you would be surprised at the way it presents all sides of the tragic story.

    I believe there is a difference between a romance and a love story. "Brokeback Mountain" doesn't have a shred of romance. But it has a lot of love.

    I would like to ask Ms. Jardon, and her readers, to refrain from judging this important and moving film without at least giving it a chance and watching it.

    Thank you,
    Kellie Powell

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