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    coming out party finally hits australia. although they didn't think i am that funny. this, from the country whose biggest comedic achievement is crocodile dundee. screw them!
    "hooking up in the real world," hosted by coral and myself. it ended up pretty good.
    "coming out" stories told by comedians and writers. not a comedy show, per se, but is often funny.

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    Wow- that was astoundingly and amazingly hilarious...


    Hehe Dan you are so funny and it's so true about her being everywhere.

    JJ Funk

    Dear Dan,

    "It looks like you are hiding a wheel of mozzarella cheese in your titty."

    You are way too amusing for your own good.

    Angelina's are real. BOOYAH.


    Seriously, and I was hung up on how oversized her jean shorts were. I had to go back and recheck the boob debacle. Plus, at her age, the wouldn't still be quite that perky if they were real.


    so not only does it rock to see you on tv because you always say the thing I'm thinking (no one else on tv but Judge Milian on People's Court does that) but also because you seem to lack the plastic personality that most people think they need (see above).

    Anyway, just thought I'd tell ya that you rock like a hurricane


    pardon my saying so, but you sound just a little JEALOUS of her boobies...and perhaps even a little BITTER. LOL Did you want a pair of your own to play with?

    Just lurve your blog!


    Funny comments: 10
    Spelling: 0
    aNiston, baby. I know you were still reeling from the picture to think straight!


    I'm hoping someone can explain that weird wall-limbo shot of her standing on the twin bed?
    Am concerned that this is a new position that I should be aware of...

    Alpha Female

    really think they're fake, eh? i'm not so sure about aNiston's top.

    Jorge Martínez

    Quoting Drunk Girl...YOU DON´T EVEN KNOW HER!


    Man. I'm surprised by the nastiness of this post. Ummm...that's what breasts do...they stick out. Maybe her arm positioning makes the area look a little taut or unnaturally uplifted, but otherwise, I can't figure out what you're talking about. Maybe breast implants are so prevalent that men just assume any woman who has ample ones has fake ones. Anyway, still love your blog, just not so much this particular entry.

    Sucka in Miami

    Hilarious stuff. How's Delicious Deliveries?


    dude, Jorge, they don't stick out like THAT. Trust me. I'm a chick with phat knockers and hers look like they are bolted on.


    What's so extraordinary about Jen getting a boob-job? (if she actually got one that is) Nowadays plastic surgery is as ordinary as getting your hair died, and I'm shocked how you Dan can display so little emancipation yourself with your little-town comments...I bet your natural hair-colour is not that blonde you showcase on this website, is it? ;)


    You see this is what's wrong with society today. Everyone is bad-mouthing everyone else. Leave the girl alone! My gosh, she's been through a terrible and humiliating divorce this year, not to mention the stress of doing four new movies and having her private life all over the tabloids. Her breasts don't even look fake, she looks beautiful! And even if they are fake, who cares, they belong to her and she can do what she wants with them! Obviously you are just an unhappy person who trashes others so you can feel better about your own insecurities!


    I read an article before that talked about her boobs and they aren't implants. She has deformed boobs. They actually pull away from eachother and she always has hard nipples. (If you ever noticed during friends)


    The thing about your lack of experience, breasts are all different. Even if she thinks they are deformed, they are probably normal just a different shape from all those 'perfect' examples you've spotted in the odd ad!


    Dan -- All I can say is finally someone had the cajones to take lil' Miss innocent "natural" beauty to task. Her boobs are soooo fake. If you see any of her movies pre Friends you will see the lengths she goes through to hide her (then) small boobs. We noticed in the first season of Friends that she got the boob job. It was in the episode where Monica's credit card gets stolen. All of a sudden, Jennifer's boobs exploded. Before then she was always covered up in mostly loose clothing. After the boob job is when she started wearing all those tight shirts - y'know where she was not shy about revealing her nipples to the world. Oy vey. I find her such a vain, repulsive fraud - fake nose, fake hair, fake tan and fake forehead (the latter is due to her getting electrolysis on her forehead because of how hairy it was. see her h.s. pics if you doubt me).

    So you are right - she is no example or role model for young girls to look up to. She is an example of self-hate, doubt and insecurity. Otherwise why would she change so much about herself? She needs the adulation of celebritydom - no matter how unreal it is. And she needs to show her body to get constant praise. So vain, so fake. For too long people were fooled by the "Mary sunshine" act. But when you give an interview crying about your supposed heartbreak and then choose to pose in your panties, something's not quite kosher there and rather manipulative. Thanks for giving us a good laugh!


    You know what? I'm an expert, and they are real, kids!!! Look at pics of her when she was heavier, they were much bigger. THEY ARE REAL - I"m sure of it. Thing is, nothing, even the amount of weightloss and "hollywood" hair, makeup, diets, tanning etc. - none of it can make her the natural beauty she wishes she was. It's sad. She should stop trying to be sexy, it doesn't work, and play up personality and talent.


    I miss you in US magazine, Dan! You're Fashion Police witticisms were soooo much funnier than anything they've got going now.

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